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How do I set up Xbox Live with Wireless Adapter?

I constantly ask this question on Yahoo Answers, but yet again, they fail to deliver the answer I seem to look for.I fustrated.I dont know what I need and I dont want to buy unessasary equipment?What to do?I want the easiest way:The Wireless Adapter?What do I need for it and how much will it cost?Any other suggestions would be appciated.If you have comments on me getting anything besides an adapter, please share.Thanks:)


b2trumpet answered:

All you need is the Official Xbox adapter itself. Plug it in and go.
Also, there are two kinds of adapters. A White One (with one antenna) and a black one (called the N, two antennas.) Buy the black one. It will cost about $70, but it's supposed to be the fastest and most reliable.

Good Luck. Send another question if you have trouble installing it.
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