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Why is my Xbox not reading the game?

My Xbox is really starting to make me mad because every time I want to play a game I have to open and close the tray so many times that I don`t want to play anymore when it finaly does read the disc. This is mostly happening to Gears of War 3. But why is it doing this? Could it be dust? (My room does get really dusty) Could my Xbox be broken? (I have never droped it or anything like that but I have had it for almost 2 years) I know its not the disc because it does this to moives and other games to.

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I now know that I have what is called "Open Tray Error" and I`ve kind of found a way to fix it, and that is to hit the top of the Xbox a bunch while its the disc reading but I have to do that every time I want to play a game or movie. But is there anyway to fix it for good so I don`t have to keep doing this?


papapung4898 answered:

Your laser might be out of alignment(stuck near the back of the disc drive), when you open your disc tray shove it closed really quickly and it will reset the laser, dont worry it wont reck anything, then try your disc, if this doesnt work then try to fix it yourself by opening up the whole system(pretty easy if you watch a video and follow exact steps), or find someone who knows what they are doing. hope it helps sir/maam
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papapung4898 answered:

If you know how to open an xbox 360 then first start off with that, then when you can disconnect your dvd drive open that up then clean all the internal gears and rubber band that opens your disc tray, the reason for the tray error is when these things get too dirty to function properly and they dont work, then after you clean everything make sure its dry and spray a little bit of WD40 or any kind of lubricating spray onto the gears and rubber band, but not too much otherwise you can wreck your drive. BUT OPENING THE XBOX AND DOING ALL THIS VOIDS WARRANTY. but it is a way cheaper alternative than sending it to microsoft when they do the exact same thing basically, i know this works because i did it with my old xbox that had the same problem, and it opens better now than when i first got the thing. FYI. im not responsible if you break anything trying to fix it :P hope it helps
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