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How do I combine both my offline and my online account so I can transfer my achievements to the online one?

Ive had an offline profile for a few months and I have alot of achievements on it but I recently joined Xbox live and made a new profile. So I tried to combine both on and offline profiles by loging in to my offline acc then I went to "Join Xbox live" but it requires another email , so I made another email but I created a New account. and that new acc doesnt have any achievements. Is there a way to Make my offline account change from an offline account to an online one or is there a way to combine both off and online so I can have the achevements carried over onto the online profile? Please post each step(literally) I would really appreciate your help. Ive had trouble with this for a few weeks now with no answer... please help :(

matchbox88 asked for clarification:

Aassassin, i was wondering how you can transfer, say a Prototype save file from an offline account to an online account.
I can re earn the achievements no problem, but im so close to the end of the game, i would rather not start completely over.

So can you confirm and explain how to transfer a save file of a game to a different account on the same system? (achievements excluded)

Thanks in advance!

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ilikesafc answered:

Sorry you cant send achievements but any dlc can be transferred
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godofwar64 answered:

I also had that problem when i first joined xbl..but to be honest there is no way to transfer data from one profile to another. You just need to start all the games over from scratch..
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Aassassin answered:

Yeah elaborating on what godofwar64 said: there really is no way to transfer achievements.. But you can transfer data but NO achievements! srry ur just gonna have to re-earn them. :(
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itwizz answered:


Save files are locked to the profile there were created under so you can forget about transferring them.
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