Question from calloftheweird

What's the best way to backup my xbox memory?

In case somthing were to happen to my harddrive/memory card, I would like to be able to still have my save files?


MertensCW answered:

XPort for the 360. Shop around for better price.

Note: restoring a Forza 2 file while still functional, would disable your online playing with that save if its different from the last one you played while connected to XBL.

I believe Tecmo game saves may not be transferable to other HDDs, for games such as NG2 DOA, DOAXVB,etc but i'm not sure of this at the moment. However they can be restored to the same HDD they were in originally made for.

I don't know of any other possible issues.
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itwizz answered:

Back them up to an OFFICIAL 512 Mb Memory card but be warned as some saves are non-transferable.
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