Question from Metalmittens

How exactly do points work?

Can you buy them? or do you earn them...if so how?

thanks in advance
im thinking of getting one for the XBLA but i dont want to spend extra

Metalmittens provided additional details:

Rrrgh man that pisses me off.....ah well.


Heizuya asked for clarification:

Does any of you know if these codes are region locked.
For example I live in France can I buy Microsoft points from the UK?
If so can I also buy them from the US or Japan?

Accepted Answer

SnowPhoenix9999 answered:

There are two different types of points involving the Xbox 360.

First, there are "Gamerscore Points". These you earn by accomplishing specific tasks in games. They don't really do anything. They're just there for bragging rights and your own personal enjoyment.

There are also "Microsoft Points". These you have to buy (unless you win them from a sweepstakes), and you can use them to purchase content on the Xbox Live Marketplace (e.g. Xbox Live Arcade games, gamer pictures, etc.) and Zune Marketplace. Apparently you can also use them to purchase stuff from the Windows Live Gallery, but I've never looked into that. Basically, Microsoft Points are a form of digital currency.
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