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What is the Price of xbox360 in pakistan?

I have no idea about xbox 360 how it works what is its price
U should reply on my this Email Adress

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itwizz answered:

1: The Xbox 360 hasn't been released in Pakistan and it probably never will.

2: This question should have asked in the main forum or in a Tech forum in your home country as this section is for Xbox 360 Hardware PROBLEMS, not general product queries.

3: This is the 3RD time you have asked this question and you got an answer here (Your 1st post was deleted as it was a duplicate ) and you got your answer so why ask again?

4: NEVER give out your email address on a forum as it exposes you danger and to spam so please remove it and don't do it again.
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itwizz answered:

Please close this question as it has been sat here since FEBRUARY this year and no-one has replied for the simple reason the Xbox 360 is NEVER coming out in Pakistan.
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