Question from logan48227

Asked: 6 years ago

Why won't my wireless USB receiver work on my 360?

I have a TrendNet Wireless-N USB Receiver and when I plug it into my Xbox 360, the system doesn't even recognize it. The Xbox website says I need to adjust the wireless settings in the Network Settings menu, but I can't even access the wireless settings. Please help!

Accepted Answer

From: DAZ121 6 years ago

Check xbox's website and see if the model of wireless router you have is compatible with an xbox. You can look it up on Microsoft's website, just do a search for it. Might have to buy a LynkSys, most all of them are compatible with it.

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You may need to update your Xbox to support N wireless networks. Is it even compatible with the Xbox 360 console. You may need to purchase a genuine wireless 'N' adapter (black with two antennas, the orginal white one doesn't support 'N' networks. Also your router may not support 'N' adapters either.

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