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How long can you play?

I just got an xbox 360 and I heard alot about the Red Ring Of Death and I was wondering how many hours can you play it unitl you get the Red Ring Of death? can you get it by playing for 2 or 3 hours? I wanna know how many hours can you get the Red Ring Of Death so I can avoid it.


MikeVinderIIV answered:

Well you can't exactly "avoid" it. BUT you can just keep it well ventilated and keep it clean and that crap so you won't get the Red Rings sooner. Playing it 2-3 hours wouldn't get you red rings really. I mean like after a year or 2 then you might have problems but if its a new system 2-3 hours can't cause Red Rings. PS : Might wanna do some research on google about 360's and chipsets and that stuff.
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mitsmirage answered:

Depends on how old your console is. The newer ones create less heat which means they can be played longer. I only play my for 2 - 3 hours at once and have never had a problem on my 2009 elite console (jasper chipset) or my early 2008 Arcade Console (falcon chipset).
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CSX123 answered:

Well, I remember playing Tales of Vesperia for about 24-25 hours straight(yeah, sounds bad) the first day I got it, this is a console from Aug 2007, got RROD last October and miraculously started working again a couple days ago.
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mariobroz123 answered:

Mine is 4 to five years old but it gets hot from 8 to 9 but nothing happens or I do not now if it uh nothing
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ragingstorm23 answered:

I have played many a game for 5-6 hours without a problem. My problem is that I smoke and the back of it gets all full of stuff that I have to clean out every now and again. But as far as RROD I wouldnt worry unless you play for hours and hours and hours without stopping. Personally and dont ask me why my xbox is on almost 24-7 and its fine.
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