Question from Martyrboy13

My 360 stopped reading discs what can I do?

Whether or not there is a disc present in the tray when the system boots up it prompts to "open tray"...

if you open the tray and insert the disc then close it, again with or without a disc present it makes approx. a 10-20 second attempt to read the media (if present) and prompts to "open tray".

I have called technical support, tried using a can of air duster, running the maintenance update (I think that's what tech support called it) and unhooking the system and letting it rest countless times with no effect.

I just need to know if I can solve this without having to buy a new console or getting this one repaired or if it'd save me time to just give it up and buy another 360.

crimsonflare724 asked for clarification:

Omg every time i insert my game it says reading............ then open tray but my game is already in.

crimsonflare724 asked for clarification:

I feel like banging the thing!


sythys answered:

I had this problem... My disc drive had stopped spinning. Basically, you're placing a disc inside the 360 and it just set there... waiting.

So you're really left with the options you've listed. I opted to buy a new one since mine wasn't under a warranty anymore.
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gumdro420 answered:

I have this problem too..What i do it hit the top of the console (while its on its side) with my hand. not that hard though. Sometimes it takes a few tries, sometimes ill spend twenty minutes doing it before it works. I think there might be a perfect spot to get this on the first try. After one game works, most of the time any game played immediately afterward usually works the first or second time. My friend also does it to his and it works for him
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