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Can anyone list SPLIT SCREEN CO-OP games?

Can any of you list me, off the top of your head--or link me to a list if you know of one--a bunch of XBox 360 titles that have SPLIT SCREEN co-op? For example, Resident Evil 5.

Please note that I'm NOT interested in games that ONLY have the System Link or Online co-op. My brother and I have one XBox 360, and I'm temporarily living with him so we want to play split screen games.

We're also not really interested in deathmatch style gaming if there's no co-op story mode as well.

Thanks in advance for any help! Even ONE title is worth posting 'cause as of now, I'm only familiar with RE5.

srm006 provided additional details:

thanks for the info!
and iErebus helped me out on the main boards with this link:
so I'll close the question now.


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wheaties23 answered:

Army of Two, Left 4 Dead, Lord of the Rings Conquest, Lego games, there are lots of others those are just off the top of my head.
I would suggest Left 4 Dead
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