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What the hell is with DNS?

I recently replaced my modem. Does that have anything to do with DNS settings? I've changed the 360 settings to automatic, I've changed it to manual and entered the numbers from my network settings, and I've turned my modem and router off and then back on. I've done everything it's suggested and I still cant connect to LIVE. What gives?

Diabeatu provided additional details:

nevermind I had to change my IP settings to automatic

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tjmayer21 answered:

It might very well be cached network settings in the 360 itself. I don't know if it is caching old network information and not taking your new ones. I would guess that you could try unplugging your 360 for about 5 minutes and then try plugging the new information in.

This is what I would do if your 360 isnt pulling information from the router correctly. Also be sure that everything else works on the router (like your PC's and what not)
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