Question from chriskrazy8

How can i clean my xbox 360 laser without opening my system?

My 360 only plays games once I have loaded up something before it, I just try to play a game from scratch & it goes "reading disk..." then just goes back to open disc tray... any help?


Jaidyn1 answered:

If it is not reading the disc's then try cleaning them b4 you put them in!
If it still isnt working and is not reading any dics then trying going on youtube and see if any1 has made a video about it , if not ring up and see if they can fix it or tell u how to!
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itwizz answered:

Try a CD cleaner and if that doesn't work then send it either to Microsoft or you local independent repairer.
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luke1001 answered:

What itwizz said
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mitsmirage answered:

It may be the discs you ae trying to use, are they scratched or do they have a lot of dirt and dust on them. Do not use a CD Lens Cleaner as they void your warranty and they don not help much. I had the same problem with my PS2 console, it may help the first time for one disc, but unless you don it everytome you turn on your console the problem will still occur until it can't read any discs at all.
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