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How can I get my universal remote to stop turning my 360 on?

lol...its pretty much what it says, ive had my 360 for a few weeks now and its never did this, now whenever I press the power button on my remote itll turn my 360 on. It still turns my tv on and off and stuff but it just turns the 360 on, not off so its kind of annoying i have to keep turning it off. any ideas lol?

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It isnt the universal remote from microsoft, this is the kind of universal remote you would buy at like walmart or something.

Holy_Morale provided additional details:

ty computerdude8855, but i forgot to mention the other half of the problem. It has been turning itself on at random times. I fixed what you said already and it won't turn on from my remote anymore but it still turns itself on. I wake up sometimes at night now and i see the light on for it.

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Computerdude885 answered:

There's a setting in the Xbox 360 settings menu to disable or enable universal remote controls. I haven't used the setiting since they launched the NXE so I'm not sure exactly where it's at, but just browse the settings and you'll find the option. Disable it and you should be good.
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