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How does a Turtle Beach headset work?

Well I was thinking of getting one of these at the local FYE but i don't really know what it does and if you have to set it up how to do that. Any Info is good and if anyone knows if it works for Halo 3 or Cod 4

xXxpeircexXX provided additional details:

Also if anyone knows if I can just plug it into my controller that would be nice


lefty224 answered:

Very simple, plug the USB end into the fornt of your Xbox 360. Attach the colored jacks into your xbox jacks that plug into your TV, and thats it really. Up by the headset itself, there is a rectanglar box that you adjust the volume with to control the sound. If you are planning on using it as a microphone, its the same was as a normal Xbox 360 headset.
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jleep233451 answered:

It depends on which one you get. I have X31 and It works fine but uses AAA batteries. my friend has a plugged in one, but his xbox cant be more than two feet away from the jacks.
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