Question from Jonwh18

will haveing sucky internet affect my X-box live?

I'm getting an X-box 360 Elite for my Birthday and all of the multiplayer stuff for the X-box 360 seems to be on X-box live. Well I have really slow internet and my wifi for my PSP disconnects all of the time when I play cretain games. Will haveing slow internet affect my X-box live or what ever or will it be ok????

mitsmirage asked for clarification:

You will porbaly have the same issue with your Xbox 360 as your PSP while playing online. If your connection is low quality than it will diconnect or lag depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Eoin answered:

Xbox Live uses your internet connection. So, of course, if your internet connection is low quality, it will obviously affect Xbox Live badly.
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SonAmyFreak4Eva answered:

Maybe. Maybe not. I have a somewhat suckish internet connection (I use Hughsnet, BTW) & I've used Xbox LIVE a lot & it works fine. My copy of Marvel VS. Capcom 3 lags a lot when I play online though, but I read that the game does that.
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