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My system does not turn on power brick is always Orange?

Hey everyone i havent had any serious problems with my 360 until now and the problem appears to be the power brick the colour is on orange, which results in my system itself NOT turning on at all. is this purely a power brick issue? or is my system pooched? The plugs are all in the correct positions everything is plugged in nice and snug so it is not a wiring issue. any help would be gratelly appreciated.

deathrow43 provided additional details:

I have let the console cool down for a good day, have tried the wait 30 seconds then plug it in method to no avail my system itself is not hot its cool. but the power brick again is always in orange "stand by" mode.


goldminer360 answered:

i know about this problem, what the problem might be is the cable runing from the brick to the back of your 360 or the socket that you plug into in the back of the 360 may have broken off of the motherboard inside. this happened to me and it was because of plugging and unplugging into the back of the consel too much and it got lose and broke the clamps. you can either exchange with Microsoft or open it up and make sure the socket is not to lose.
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