Question from Esbjorn

Asked: 5 years ago

Can DLC be moved from one hard drive to another?

A friend of mine is letting me borrow his 360 while he is on vacation for a few weeks, and i was wondering if i create a profile on it and get DLC would i be able to put it on another 360 if i bought my own, or would i have to rebuy it?

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From: itwizz 5 years ago

To cut a long story short: 1: No you can't transfer it and 2: Yes you will have to re-buy EVERYTHING.

It's a lot less trouble to just buy your own Xbox because if you use a transfer cable you'll transfer EVERYTHING thats on the hard drive INCLUDING your friends profile and content plus it will mess up the licences so you would have to perform the Licence transfer on the Xbox Website to get everything working again.

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A way my friends transfer GH/RB DLC to each other is to log into the others accounts on one person's Xbox and re-download the DLC that account had.

It's worked everytime.

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There is a transfer cable that comes with the 120gb HD. Im sure you could find one used somewhere.

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