Question from StrangerDust

Original Xbox DLC content?

Where do i go to get The original xbox DLC for games like Star Wars KOTOR? it disappeared since i got that new xbox live update with the avatars. HELP

StrangerDust provided additional details:

Nah. its not like that. i downloaded the update but there doesnt seem to be any change. i dont know. i'll try it again.


Kombos answered:

I have no idea.It could be in the game to download it like Halo 2.
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Darbus_31 answered:

It should be in game like in the starting menu. Try finding options or extras. I can't say for sure cuz my 360's internet is busted.
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prsman answered:

I just downloaded the stuff for KOTOR today! At the main menu of the game, go down to downloadable content (if it isn't there, go to options)
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