Question from ravager1989

My xbox360 hangs sometimes while i'm playing or saving games, does it mean anything??

I just bought my xbox early this yr, around feb..and it has hang once in april and once in june....does it mean anything bad??

HaloKittyy asked for clarification:

What do you mean by hang up? do you mean it takes a wile to save a game or do you mean the screen "freezes". because mine does both and I've had it for the longest time, and its perfectly fine.

ravager1989 provided additional details:

it froze 3 times...just remembered about the 3rd....2 times was when playing GTA4 and Prototype..the screen just froze suddenly...and the 3 time was when i was playing a demo......


itwizz answered:

It sounds like its just the game(s) as some games are really buggy (Fallout 3 I'm looking at you) and can freeze without warning. If it's only happened twice then I wouldn't worry but if it keeps happening with a specific game you may want to consider either getting it cleaned or getting a replacement but if it happens with most of the games you play then I would start worrying as it could mean the RROD isn't far off.

BTW which game(s) does it happen with?
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itwizz answered:

Keep an eye on the situation because if the crashes get more frequent, especially in games were they've never happened before, then I would consider getting it repaired.
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gamefrenzy123 answered:

Do you have a friend with an xbox? If so, use your hard drive on his xbox and see if it works. If not, then your hard drive needs to be replaced. Same thing is happening to me right now
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