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Help With Profiles?

Ok, My 360 RROD'd on me a few weeks back, I got a 60gb version back and i had recovered my profile. The next day I came back, only for it to tell me my profile's XBOX LIVE data is not valid. I do have a valid subscription. The only way I have found to fix the problem is to recover my profile every time I switch my console on, Which will get boring after a while. So, is there any other way to fix this issue?

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RabbidSlave answered:

Don't worry, I fixed the issue. I had 2 copies of my profile, 1 recovered from xbl and one on a memory card. The one on the memory card was faulty, so I deleted it and used my one on the HDD. Problem solved
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itwizz answered:

Talk to Microsoft but you may have to face the unpleasant Fact that your profile is damaged beyond repair and you'll have to start new profile.
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