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Why can't I connect to one of my friends?

I was away from my Xbox for approximately 3 months, and just recently went back to it. I tried to connect to one of my friends and found I could not connect with him in games or party chat where he was the connection host, and the same applies for him. We can be in the same party or game if someone else is the connection host, but that can be inconvenient, especially if we want to play a game by ourselves. Both of us have Open NATs and have no problem connecting with anyone else. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem, and what we could do about it?


daniellynch305 answered:

hmm the same thing happend to me with a buddy of mine, the thing that was causing it was my router im not sure why but i fixed it by un-pluging my router and going with just my modem. so try that it might work.
Sorry i wish i could be more help.
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itwizz answered:

This is a common problem and hopefully the new dashboard update (released today) should fix these sort of problems.
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