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Can i use any mp3 player to transfer music to my 360?

I plugged my player (a sansa clip) into the port on the back of the console, the 360 recognized that the player was there, but said that it was empty even though there is over 3 gigs of music on this particular player. So can only some mp3 players (ipods, zunes) be used to transfer music to the console?

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timo4142 answered:

You will need a USB which can fit into a mp3 player and hook it up to the xbox 360,
Do what itwizz says, buy some blank cd's from a store and burn the songs from the computer and insert the burned disk and insert it into the xbox 360 once the songs are on there.
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itwizz answered:

Only the iPod and Zune are compatible so the only options you have are either:

1: Buy an iPod or a Zune

2: Burn the MP3s to a CD
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