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Asked: 5 years ago

Jasper/Falcon Chip?

I know these two chips help prevent RROD, but i'm wondering, are they only put in models if you sent in a broken xbox?
Or have they started putting them in the consoles already?
My consoles production date is August 2008, so would I have this chip?

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Also, If I do have a falcon chipset, should I look into possibly getting it replaced or swapped?
Is there anything wrong with having a falcon chipset? Also, in the event do get RROD, is it possible to go to a place and get it fixed for a fee if my warranty if expried?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Okay, I definitely don't have the money to buy a whole new xbox for the Jasper chip, but is it possible to maybe trade in my Xbox with the falcon chipset, and get a Jasper chipset one in return?

And I still need one question answered, should my xbox get the RROD with no warranty from MS left, is there any store I can bring it to, to fix the problem?

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From: mitsmirage 5 years ago

I would say you have a Falcon chip as console produced in 2008 contain the Falcon chipset. Models produced in 2009 contain the Falcon chipset.

Personally I would not worry about it exchanging for a Jasper chipset as Falcon chipsets are as just reliable in terms of RROD as the Jasper chipset. It is more the earlier 2005 and 2006 models which are more likely to get the RROD.

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From the information you've given I'd say you have an Opus GPU as the Jaspers only appeared in December time last year. As for upgrading you're better off buying a new console as trying to modify your existing console will void any warranty you have left and a lot of independent repairers won't touch modded consoles.

I've got an opus and it's pretty good though a Jasper is preferable as it is smaller, more power efficient and runs cooler and can be identified by the 12.1V Power Supply.

See here for more Information:

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The falcon chip xbox is not so bad , my xbox work fine there is no need to replace it with the new jesper chip but if you want your xbox to stay for many years you should not play more then 4 hours and put it and the power brick in will vented place .

its really your call if you want to replace you xbox then replace it.

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Yes, it can be repaired from any 3rd party repairer

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