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Asked: 5 years ago

Giant rings on disk?

OK i just got skate 2 yesterday and already i have these 2 giant rings on the bottom of the disk one almost to the edge and one about an inch closer to the hole. I also have 1 on my halo 3 disk and i have only been playing it for about 2-3 months but those are the only 2games of mine that have them. What are these, why do I have them, and how can i get rid of them?

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If I'm not mistaken those rings are meant to be there.

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It could be laser burn if thats the case then your Xbox 360 DVD drive need replacing.

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Have you moved your console whilst a disc is inside or has it fallen over whilst in use. If this has happened your disc has been scratched by the cosnsole. To fix this you need to send it back to Microsoft, otherwise the console will continue to scratch all discs inserted into the console rendering the discs completely unplayable.

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It means you bumped your xbox while you where playing, try to not leave your xbox standing verticly

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This is caused by the xbox being moved or knocked over while the game was being played. I would recomend you have your xbox laying down so there is no chance it would be bumped or knocked over.

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