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Asked: 5 years ago

Cant load saved file?

My son has been playing Legos Batman and has beaten 22% or at least that's what it says in his profile on the main console. When we go to load the game and load the save game it says file can not be found or a error message, can anyone help me my son don't want to have to start over every time he wants to play?

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try to clear the system cache

go to system settings, memory, press y on controller(highlight hard drive), then select clear system cache

atleast thats what I know that will help, i mean dude I don't know the error message so don't specifically know how to help

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Try turning off the console and then turning it on again. Load the game and then see if it finds your save game file, otherwise turn off the console and remove the memory unit or hard drive and reinsert again. Try loading the save file then. If this doesn't work it maybe your hard drive or memoy unit, do you have this touble with any other games. Finally see if the data is on your hard drive or not. To do this go to the console system settings, select memory and then either the hard drive or memory unit, depending on which one you have and where you saved it. Then go games, does Lego Batman appear, if it does press A and see if a save file appears.

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