Question from war2591

Asked: 4 years ago

Problem with my Controller ?

I just bought a Xbox 360 Elite and the 360 works fin but for some reason the controller takes a long tome to connect to the 360 for example when i press the xbox button on the controller it takes like 30 sec to turn on the 360 before it was instant and if the 360 is on it still takes a while to connect the controller works fine when it connects and i've synced the controller multiple times is it my 360 or my Controller ?

Accepted Answer

From: mitsmirage 4 years ago

I had a similar problem and still have problems when connecting a controller to my Xbox 360 Elite also. It maybe due to interference caused by things like wireless routers, microwaves, etc. Also sometimes unplugging and reconnecting the AV / Component cable causes it ti sync instantly on my console for some reason, don't know why.

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