Question from bigdaveyt85

Asked: 4 years ago

Why is the microphone in headset not working?

I can hear other gamers, but they can't hear me, also cannot record voice messages. I have tried to unmute via preferances and there is a signal click whenever I switch the slider between on and off.

Additional details - 4 years ago

The headset is not even a year old... i'm gonna have to call MS and see if i can get a replacement one sent out. I think it is the manual switch too but can't fix it :(

Accepted Answer

From: Luigi_316 4 years ago

Depending how old your headset is, it is possible that it has become faulty, or maybe your manual mute switch has a flaw in it. In such a case I would purchase a new Headset or call Microsoft for Repair support if the garantee is still valid.

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