Question from jake_mcmillion

Asked: 5 years ago

DO you have to have high speed inet to play on xbox live?

I have dial up

Accepted Answer

From: axeljulio 5 years ago

Just dial-up is not work.. it depends on your internet, dude..
if you're internet connection is slow, then you're xbox live connection will be slow, the same as your internet..
but-- if you have a fast internet connection, absolutely, you're xbox live will be as fast as your internet..
it's better if u don't use a slow inet.. cause probably your xbox live will disconnect..

you need a high speed router to connect xbox live well.

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Submitted Answers


Yes, dial up will not work. You need a high speed internet access to even connect to Live, let alone play games with others.

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Well, you dont need high speed, its just that dial-up does not work at all, high speed internet doesnt make connection perfect, to make connection good, you need a good signal and it depends where your router is.

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No Broadband=No Xbox Live so you'd better start saving up.

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