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Asked: 2 years ago

Overheating problem?

My machine has started to overheat lately. It has started to since on day the temp in my room got to around 30C & has been cutting out every now again for the past week & a half.
The average temp in my room is around 24-26C at the moment due to it being summer & I have a lot of electronics but lately it has been cutting out to "prevent any serious damage" quite regular ( usually within 30 mins - 2hours ) but the console or the power supply don't seem to get very hot.

I have wondered if it is my power supply so I have recenly bought a cheap on from my local game shop for 5 but noticed the wattage is different when I went to test it. My old one was a 203W but this new one is 175W & now I am a bit concerned about using it.

PS I do try to keep it as well ventilated as possible & have changed it from horizontal to vertical.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Yes it is an official power supply. 203W if that is any help.

BTW It has not overheated for a few weeks now but I would still like to keep this question open so then I can get some advice should it happen again.

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Is it an official power supply?

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