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Asked: 1 year ago

Borderlands 2 xxx head needed plz... ?

Ok first I need to get this off but iv been farming terra for nearly 3 days now(4 hours a day) and i have given up. Terra has not given me the xxx head and I have now become desparate for it. If u can help me out I would highly appreciate it :)
I can offer you (if u want all of them then u can hav it)
All lv 50
- fire/ electric conference call
- fire infinity
- slagga
- pitchfork
- legendary siren mod
- rolling thunder grendade mod
- flakker
- Norfleet
- blood of terra
- the bee, hive of terra
- leech grenade

I know its not much but I'm getting really tired from all this and can't do it much longer due to college next week but if you can dupe me one or trade that would really help ^_^.
My gamer tag is Sgt Death 92

Plz note I'm from UK and I start to play at 5:30 pm

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