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Asked: 5 years ago

TV to computer video feed?

Ok, this is probably more of a general gaming question than anything, but i plan on using this on my 360 so ill just go here. I want to start a live video feed of some video games and stuff, but in order to do that, i need some sort of adapter that allows me to connect my tv/xbox 360 to my computer and record it onto the computer. I know these exist, as ive seen several videos showing this. I just dont know what i need in order to do so. Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

Accepted Answer

From: J_USMC_M 5 years ago

You need a TV Tuner Card, you can find them a Best Buy. I wouldn't get the usb kind, because if you ever wanted to play a game on your computer monitor there is a 2 second delay.
Good Luck

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