Question from starss

Asked: 5 years ago

why is it that i cant use my Silver account?

I cant use my silver account to get a gold account because i dont think i saw any silver card or anything in the box...... is there supposed to be a card because i have a recently updated version of the xbox 360 so i dont really know.and i have a 48 hour gold subscription card.

Accepted Answer

From: pixtran 5 years ago

You don't need a card for silver account since silver account is the free account. If you can connect to xbox live, it means you have at least a silver account. You have to redeem your code to get 48h gold from your card, the option to redeem your code it's on your profile. With gold you can play games online, with silver you can do everything except play games online.

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A Silver account is free, and you don't need any card to get one. If you're trying to turn your Silver account into a Gold account, log in with your Silver account, and there should be a link that says "Upgrade to Gold." From there, you can enter in a code like that 48 hr Gold card or a one- or three-month subscription. If you can't find a link on your console, you can log into with your Silver account and there will be a link right under your Gamertag for upgrading to Gold.

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