Question from Eric43

Asked: 5 years ago

What are the benefits of installing a game to the hard drive?

I assume it decreases load time, but I haven't really noticed that much. You still need the CD to play the game. Can someone explain this to me in detail?

And also, a stupid little addendum to the above question, if you install a game to the hard drive and later insert the CD into the console and it starts the game automatically, I assume the console runs the game off the hard drive automatically, right? For instance, I don't have to go to Game Library and choose "Run from Hard Drive" to do so?

Accepted Answer

From: EoinOL 5 years ago

Installing a game from the hard drive:

- decreases load times in most (not all) cases.
- reduces wear and tear on your disc and on your disc drive
- reduces noise from the console

If you have a game installed, and start that game using any method, it will run off the hard drive automatically.

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