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Asked: 5 years ago

My rechargable battary wont last as long as it did. Can I fix that?

The first couple times I used this battery pack(the one made by Microsoft that comes with many controller packs) it lasted a very long time. I mean VERY long. But, suddely, it lasts for only about an hour and barley charges. A couple days ago it was good and lasted long but the same thing happened. This has also happened to some of my friends so I'm not alone. What Gives?

Additional details - 5 years ago

TrunksAnime: I dont think so, it only lasted long for about 2 times and then it was crap. An a couple days ago it was long again, but then went to crap again...

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From: Menchacat 5 years ago

I cleaned the contacts...

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As with anything that recharges, eventually that recharge is going to last less and less. Mine lasted for about 3years before I had to buy another battery. There is nothing you can do, toss it in the trash, and go spend 12$ on a new battery

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