Question from Derrick79

Asked: 5 years ago

Can your transfer pictures from your SD card and card reader to the 360?

Was wondering is it possible to transfer pictures to my 360 using my card reader and usb cable like I do with my PC.. and also when I do get photos to my 360 can I set them as my background?


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You can watch the pictures only but you can't save them on the HHD from any USB flash or drive. and you can't make a background for your xbox. its not like the PS3.

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You can use your own pictures as a background I can't remember the specific button you have to press but it IS possible as I've done it numerous times but you MUST use A USB flash drive as external hard drives and SD card readers are not supported.

From what I remember not all Image formats are supported so you best saving you pictures as JPEGS for maximum compatibility.

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