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Answered Questions

Technical Help Answers
"Can't play this content because it may not be supported." ? 1
"Mandatory" widescreen display? 3
. A few questions. Help please? 1
360 Freezing on certain game? 7
A clerk at a store told me that if you sit your 360 vertically, the disc rattles and slowly scratches. Is this true? 2
About the Xbox360 arcade...? 4
Account renewal? 2
Age Restriction? 1
Any user fix to the RRoD? 6
Are the 2 months for 2$ and the roulette offer workng for anyone else? 1
Are the Xbox 360 Elite Problems fixed yet? 4
Audio/Video Help? 1
Backward compatibility problem? 2
Batteries? 2
Battery Problems? 2
Black vertical lines on bright surfaces? 4
Boom? 2
Can all 360 games be installed to the HDD? 1
Can an X-Box system link with a 360? 2
Can anyone help me out? 3
Can anything bad happen if you jtag your xbox? 1
Can DLC be moved from one hard drive to another? 3
Can dust affect Xbox performance? 2
Can DVD drive failure cause 3 Red Lights of Death? 3
Can I change any of the settings for a router from my console? 1
Can I connect my Xbox 360 wireless controller to my PC via the Charge & Play Kit I have? 2
Can I copy a profile from a Xbox to another one? 1
Can I merge my one profile back together? 2
Can i move a save file from one profile to another? 4
Can I play a game without the disc? 1
Can i play an english way of the samurai 3 on my japan console? 1
Can i play and save Xbox games on Xbox 360? 2
can I play ntsc games on a pal console? 1
Can I recover a deleted profile? 1
Can I send my xbox to microsoft to get the dash update? 2
Can I transfer harddrives? 1
Can I transfer mp.3s to the console? 1
Can i transfer my MU acount to a HDD? 3
can I Turn regular gamertags into XBOX LIVE gamertags? 2
Can I use a Controller from the original X-Box with the 360? 1
Can I use a Rock Band 2 guitar for Guitar Hero 3? 2
Can I use an XBOX headset with an XBOX 360? 1
Can i use any mp3 player to transfer music to my 360? 2
Can I use in Mexico an XBL12month code bought in USA?? 1
Can I use my PC mic to talk on Xbox Live? 1
Can I use xbox live with 756 kbps? 4
can my U.S. 360 system be compatible with a south korean power adapter? 5
Can play games on other xboxes but not mine can anyone help? 2
Can silver members still buy stuff from the marketplace? 3
Can the new slim 360 get red ring of death? 2
can u play a 360 with out a Harddrive? 1
Can u play the 360 without a harddrive? 4
Can XBOX Live Arcade Games be downloaded and Played on a PC? 1
Can you copy files from 360 to an external hard drive? 1
Can you do split screen on System link? 2
Can you get online with Xbox 360 demand? 1
Can you install Xbox 360 games via the new Microsoft Interface system if you have an external HDD? 3
Can you install Xbox original games on the hard drive of the Xbox 360? 1
Can you play the original X Box games on the XBox arcade? 1
Can you save games on a non 360 hard drive? 1
Can you save gamesaves to the 360 from a downloaded original xbox game? 1
Can't play Oblivion without being online? 4
Can't sign back into xbox live ???? 2
Can't turn on or sync wireless controller? 1
Capture using PC? 1
Connecting wireless controller to PC? 1
Connecting xbox 360 to live? 2
Console turns off and Power Supply turns red? 1
Content not permitted? 2
Controller Suddenly Shuts Down? 2
Controller? 3
Data owned by unknown profile problem? 2
Data transfer between 2 xbox360's? 4
Delete hard drive? 2
Deleting game saves on the new dashboard? 1
Different Red Ring types? 1
Do any Xbox 360 Elites have the Jasper Chip? 4
Do i need a new Xbox 360 or do i need to download something? 2
Do the intercoolers work? 2
Does a License Transfer move or copy licenses? 1
Does the call of duty xbox 360 have the Jasper chip? 1
Does the hard drive slow down the xbox? 1
Does the new 60 gig model have the falcon chip? 3
does the new xbox 360 slim work with the Universital media remote? 1
Does the old model feature a HDMI port? 1
Does the Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB model support g wifi? 2
Does Xbox marketplace allow "cleaning out the fridge"? 1
Downloadable content wont play? 4
Downloading DLC on a differnet Xbox? 2
DVD's? 1
Ethernet cable? 1
Falcon or Jasper? 3
Few questions for XBOX Live on Arcade? 1
Fix three ring virus? 1
Gears of War 2 system link? 1
Getting online, any other options? 3
Hard drive data gone? 1
Hard Drive Upgrade Help? 1
Has this ever actually happened? 3
Have i got the RROD and how do i fix it/ get my xbox 360 repaired? 1
HDMI cable problem? 1
Help with ipod trouble.?. 3
Help With Profiles? 2
Help, my 360 will not turn on any more? 1
How can I avoid player who wants to use voice instead of text messages? 3
How can I set one of my own pictures as my Gamer Picture? 1
How can i use the adaper without a router or modern? 1
How can you transfer Xbox Originals to a new HDD? 2
How come my marketplace doesn't have on it yet? 1
How come when I play music from my iPod, it just repeats the same few songs? 1
How do I avoid rrod on my next 360? 3
How do i delete a gamer profile? 2
How do I download the M Rated demos ? 2
How do I find out my WPA key? 1
How do I find players at my skill level in Halo 3? 1
How do i fix a bad circular scratch on my disc? 2
How do I fix an Overheating Problem? 1
How do i fix the E68 problem? 3
How do I fix the video? 3
How do I get Advent Rising to work on my Xbox 360? 2
How do i get rid of the pass code? 1
How do I make activate the Achievement pop-up? 1
How do I make game audio come through my headset instead of my Tv? 1
How Do I rip music from a CD to my 360? 2
How do i send my xbox to microsoft for repair? 1
How do I stop the two triggers cancelling each other out? 1
How do I tell if a 360 has the Jasper Chip? 1
How do I transfer data from one user to another? 2
How do I transfer music from my 360 to something else? 1
How do i turn off family settings? 2
How do you erase all a games data? 1
How do you find your xbox 360's serial number? 1
How do you get microsoft points without buying them? 2
How do you get online set up? 1
How long will it take? 1
how much GB would take to put halo 3 on my hard drive? 1
How to copy saves to another profile help? 3
How to download memory from xbox 360 pro to the new xbox 360 slim elite? 1
How to get Live? 1
How to manage two accounts on one system? 1
How to play certain dvds? 1
How to record what I play on xbox? 1
How to? 1
I am 16 and didn't lie about my i can't download any M rated games please help? 3
I am unable to download an update. Please help? 1
I can connect to Xbox LIVE, play online, and do everything else except... ? 1
I can't access the Genral knoxx add on? 1
I can't download M Rated demos? 3
I forgot my email adress for my xbox live account and i must access it to validate my account. How do i find it? 1
I got a used X-Box 360 and I am having trouble with the parental controls. How can I deal with the Parental Controls? 2
I got a version of the rrod, but...? 2
I got the E 68 error ....can i update my hardrive?....and if i 2
I need help connecting to Xbox Live? 1
I think someone hacked my system. What to I do? 2
I'm having problems with live? 2
If i Change my GT will my halo3 stuff be under that name? 1
If I Connect to xbox live will I lose my progress? 1
If I don not update my x360 what is gonna happen? 3
If I don't have internet connection in my house which game I can't play? 1
If you download game? 2
Install onto hardirve? 1
Installing multi-disk games? 2
Installing, and the dirty disc 1
Is 1080i better then 1080p on a component cable?? 2
Is is possible to copy game data from a disk to the hard drive? 4
Is it Better to have the xbox in a vertical or Horizantal? 9
Is it like this on PS3? 1
Is it possible to download patches or other DLC to my PC, burn it to a CD/DVR, and upload it to my xbox? 1
Is it possible to get a BAD update on Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams? 3
Is it possible to have a Netflix party?... 2
Is it possible to use the original dashboard after the NXE update? 2
Is it worth repairing a 4 year old Xbox 360 (red ring of death) or am I better off buying a new one? 1
Is my disk drive being loud playing games a problem? 1
Is RROD solved? 1
Is the ELite more prone to the RROD? 3
Is the Xbox 360 compatible with any wired headset? 2
Is there a home-made way to repair scratched disks? 2
Is there a way to bring old dashboard? 1
Is there a way to set a default profile? 1
Is there a way to transfer data from one hard drive to another? 1
Is there an easy/automatic way to sign into Live? 1
Is there any way to get DDR Ultramix 1 or 2 to be compatable? 1
Is there any way to hook up a USB controller other than the official one? 1
Is there any way to play Indie titles offline? 1
Is there any way to re-install the NXE? 1
Jasper/Falcon Chip? 4
License Transfer Help? 3
Memory card corrupt only when harddrive is on 360, can you help me? 1
Memory transfur ? 1
Mic doesn't work only on wireless? 1
Minor issues with Halo 2? 1
MS points and cash? 1
Music cd Isnt playing? Open DISC HELP 3
My 360 discs comes out with ring looking scratches? 3
My 360 has e74, WHAT SHOULD I DO!? 1
My 360 locks up on the spinning logo at startup. How can I fix it? 6
My 360 sparked!? 1
My 360 stopped reading discs, no RROD, help please? 6
My console ha been cancelled? 2
My drive wont shut.why not? 1
My game: the dvd? 1
My games no longer load? 2
My system is off but power brick is still green? 2
My XBOX 360 keeps turning off after a few minutes, don't know why? 1
My Xbox Disc Tray Won't Close, What Should I Do? 1
My Xbox just got 3 red rings? 1
My Xbox wont work? 1
My Xbox360? 1
NAT is open, but still having connection problems. (?) 1
NAT type is Moderate, how to change it to Open? 3
Netflix help: where do i put in the activation code? 2
New Games Lock up on me, can some one help? 1
No audio or video out of the blue on new box? 2
No Game Library? 1
NO LIVE!! can i still get downloadable content? 2
No more alerts for messages, achievements, etc? 1
No way to change a data's owner? 1
Opus? 1
pinnacle Dazzle DVD recorder? 1
Playing games without installing them? 1
Playing hd quality on standart tv? 1
Please help me. My video wont show all of a sudden. idk what to do ???? 1
Please help! disc tray and headset problem? 1
Plz, help game doesnt begins? 3
Problem with disk? 2
Profile Upgrade? 3
Question about backwards compatability? 1
Questions about the Xbox and room conditions? 2
Red ring of death? 1
RROD & Power Outage? 1
RROD problem? please help 1
Run time? 1
Screen freezing without RRoD? 4
Should i get a hard drive? 1
Since my laptop did an update, my Xbox Live has stopped working completely. How can I fix it? 1
Slight sound problem? 1
Speed with NXE DL: Internal Hard Drive Vs External Hard Drive? 1
splitscreen Left 4 dead? 2
Sticky Button getting on my last nerve? :( 1
Title Content Progress cache? 2
Trying to get 720p on my hdtv, how do i get it? 2
Unable to charge wireless controller? 3
Upgrading hard drive with one console? 1
Watching DVDs ? 1
What are the benefits of installing a game to the hard drive? 1
What causes a red ring? 1
What do I need for 1080p? 1
What do you need for xbla gold on 360 elite? 2
What does 2 red rings mean? 3
What does clearing the system cache do exactly? 1
What exactly causes an RROD? 11
What exactly IS an RROD? 1
What Happened to my Fable and Points? 1
What happens to all my stuff if I decide to format my hard drive? 1
What if i get the three red rings(three) again? 1
What is faster an ethernet cord or a wireless adpater? 1
What is lag switching? 1
What is moding? 2
What is the cheapest option to have my 360 go wireless? 2
What should I do when I get 3 Red Lights of Death(RRoD)? 3
What system has an hdmi port? 1
When am I supposed to pay for my repair? 1
When do new games on the XBox Live Marketplace become available for download? 2
When I turn my 360 on, the RRoD appears but it is a fully connected circle.....?? 3
Whenever I disconnect from Xbox Live, I lose my FULL arcade games. why? 1
Where can I get a new Scaler Chip? 1
Where can you find the MAC Address of your Xbox? 1
Where is the theme settings? 2
Which is better a PS3 or an XBOX 360? 1
Which is the cable you use for system link? 1
Which one is better? 1080i or 1080p ? 1
Why am I baned from xbox live? 1
Why are my Xbox 360 games all reading as dvds? 1
Why can't I connect to live? 1
Why can't I play my downloadable content? 1
Why can't I renew my xbox live subscription? 2
Why can't my Xbox 360 controllers connect to the console? 3
Why cant I use the DLC/ arcade games? 1
Why does an installed game not load but it runs from the disc? 1
Why does Call of Duty world of war tell me disk unreadable? 5
Why does my 360 beep and lock up? 1
Why does my 360 keep overheating? 1
Why does my 360 keep telling me it has an error ? 1
Why Does My 360 Never save the time? 2
Why does my controller keep turning off? 2
Why does my DLC go to pending when I play a game? 3
Why does my router keep disconnecting me from the internet? 1
Why does my wireless mic connecting to my 2nd controller? 3
Why does my xbox keep doing this? 1
Why does my xbox keep kicking me from XBL? 1
Why does my xbox make a grinding noise? 7
Why does the 360 keep saying that xbox live is unavailable? 2
Why does the Error appear when I am trying to put a song on from a disc? 1
Why does the game keep freezing? 1
Why does the game keep rebooting itself? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (Can't play video?)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (error name avatar gone)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me disc could not be read? 2
Why does the system keep on saying, invalid password? 1
Why does the system say "Open Tray" when I have a game it in? 3
Why does the wireless contoler keep shuting down itself? 1
Why does the Xbox 360 keep telling me E74? 5
Why does the Xbox Load for a Long Time? 3
Why does xbox live sign me out every 10-20 minutes? 2
Why I can't play this game? 1
Why is my game scratched? 2
Why is my Xbox Live connection so bad? 2
Why is my xbox live WIRED connection so bad? 1
Why is the CD-R is unreadable? Please help! :) 2
Why is the microphone in headset not working? 1
Why is xbox live so difficult? 2
Why isn't my controller working when connected to a battery charger? 6
Why when i put a game in my 360 does it not work? 1
Why won't my 360 turn on? 1
Why won't my wireless USB receiver work on my 360? 2
Why won't my xbox read discs all the time? 1
Why won't one of my controlers connect? 1
Why wont the game play? 1
Will I get banned if I transfer Avatar items from one Live account to another? 1
Will installing let me play a scratched disc? 1
Will the XBOX 360 Arcade play original XBOX titles like Halo and Halo2? 1
Wireless Adapter Problem, anyone know a fix? 1
Wireless connection supplies? 1
Wireless Controller trouble? 1
Wireless N router? 1
Wireless Network Adapter? 1
X-box 360 problems? 3
Xbox 360 elite price? 2
Xbox 360 License Transfer? 1
Xbox doesn't turn off? 1
XBOX live account type problem? 1
Xbox Live begginer help? 1
Xbox Live GTA:San Andreas keeps stopping? 1
Xbox live problems? 1
Xbox live resetting offline profiles? 2
Xbox360 vs laptop? 2
Yellow light on controller? 2
Zune software does not share all songs? 1
Other Help Answers
1 Terabyte(TB) harddrive ?? 1
120 GB hard drive review? 3
120 gb Hard Drive? 3
2 Player Spilt Srceen Online? 1
2 Profiles Help? 1
2 Profiles? (one offline and one online) 3
360 Elite grinding noise? 5
60GB ony 48GB? 7
A few questions concerning the Arcade model. Can anyone provide answers? 1
A game like no other...? 1
A Question regarding - Import 360s? 2
About an game? 1
About games? 1
About the ipod support? 2
About the Red Ring of Death?... 1
About the toast of the games? 1
About the wireless device? 2
About the WNA? 2
About the Xbox 360 Ethernet Cables, being too short? 4
Access storage device after wiped profile? can you 1
Account Sharing? 1
Acheivement mishap? 1
Acheviments Banned ???? 1
Achievement Unlocked - Date not listed. Why? 1
Achievements in Live Account? 1
Achievements problem/glitch/pain in my ass, help? 1
Achievements while offline? 3
Am i screwed? 1
Answer my f*uckin' question its been a month now?! 1
Answer This Please! Its ruining my Summer!!!? 1
Any good games out for the 360? 1
Any tricks to keep the 360 well-ventilated? 9
Any way for voices to come thru tv with headset attached? 1
Any way to delete gamertag and create a new one with the same name? 4
Any way to upgrade the 360 Elite's 120gb Hard Drive to a larger size? 2
Are all xbox 360 games system linkable? 4
Are internet files stored on my Xbox 360? 1
Are newer 360's (like the Elite) less likely to RRoD/break? 1
Are the RCA splitters needed to set a capture card to my xbox? 1
Are the Red Rings Of Death still around? 3
Are Xbox games playable on the Xbox 360? 1
Avatar Hair Colors? 2
Avatar marketplace awards? 2
Awards and props? 2
Backward compatible original xbox games list? 1
Backwards Compatibility ? 1
Banning? 2
Best shooting game for 9-12 years? 1
Best way to move to a new 360? 2
Bet ne racing(car) game? 1
Black screen with white lines, only sound? 2
Button Combo Codes Without Black Or White Buttons? 2
Buy xbox360 or not ????. 3
Buying Subsciption Card Question? 1
Buying vs. Renting movies? 1
Can an elite play HD DVD's? 1
Can an xbox 360 arcade play games without problems-(freeze,more loading time,etc)?. 1
Can an Xbox 360 S get an RROD? 1
Can anybody recommend an arcade game for 200 points that has achievements? 1
Can anyone list SPLIT SCREEN CO-OP games? 1
Can anyone tell id xbox360 or ps3 is better? 8
Can anyone who uses gmail give me a walkthrough to connect to xbox live using my vodafone 3g modem? 1
Can arcade games be played online with a Silver Xbox Live accout? 1
Can avatar items only be used by the account that downloaded them? 1
Can I add microsoft points on free xbox live account? 1
Can I buy xbox live with microsoft points? 1
Can I do this? (Save game data transfer question) 2
can i download DLC to a PC and then transfer it to my 360? 1
Can i find a camera that works with the ps3 and 360? 1
Can I get dlc content offline? 1
Can i get xbox live from a dial up connection? 3
Can I install XBox 360 compatible XBox games to my hard drive? 1
Can i join parties while playin OXB Games from market? 2
Can i load a saved game on a downloaded game? 1
Can I play XBOX games on the XBOX 360(elite)? 2
Can I purchase Microsoft Points directly from my 360 console? 1
Can I put MP3 music on my Xbox? 1
Can I run XBox LIVE from the internet cable coming from the wall, or does it need to run through a router? 2
Can I save Music playlists from my PC to my 360s Hard Drive? 1
Can i save without a harddrive? 1
Can I transer save data and my account to another Hard Drive? 3
Can I transfer my profile to another 360 and keep my downloads? 2
Can I use a Hard drive with the Xbox 360 Arcade version? 1
Can i use my gamertag? 1
Can some one help me solve my problem conserning the market place? 1
Can someone else use the internet on the same laptop while you're on Xbox Live? 1
Can someone help me finda new 360 video card? 2
Can the Xbox 360 Arcade version play games like Halo3? 1
Can u transfer data from gamer tag to gamer tags with arcade data? 1
Can you change your age you originally entered? 2
Can you change your console account name? 1
Can you connect to Xbox LIVE using a Modded Xbox 360? 1
Can you delete the avatar program ? 2
Can you make a password or something to prevent others from logging onto your account? 1
Can you make it automatically select a storage device? 1
Can you play games without the Disc? 1
Can you please post a review of the new Logitech wireless guitar controller for the Xbox 360? 1
Can you switch profiles to another hardrive? 5
Can you uninstall games and if so will it also delete the save file? 1
Can you use a computer external hard drive on the Xbox 360 by plugging it into a USB port? 1
Can you use a multi USB plug? 2
Can you use a phone headset to replace a xbox 360 headset? 1
Can you use the headset with the arcade model? 1
Can't connect to Network...? 5
Castlevania is bought yet still a demo? 1
Charging Kit question? 1
Cheap 120gb hard drive or elite console ? 1
Check your play time for a game? 1
Clearing The "Blades" Cache? 1
Cod 4 10 Prestige Gamerpicture ? 1
Combining profiles? 1
Connecting new controller? 1
Connection Speeds for Xbox Live? 1
Controler bliping then hard to work? 1
Controller Issues - Please Help?? 1
Controller problrm? 2
Custom Gamer Pictures? 1
Cutting off the black parts of the old mic? 2
Debit cards? 1
Deleting Game Achievements? 1
Did I get Hacked ????? 1
Did they ever release an Action replay disc for the xbox360? 4
Disappearing DLC? 1
Disappointed, any help? 1
Disconnecting from xbox live? 1
Disk tray or game? 1
Do 360's damage flatscreen tvs? 2
Do all of the orignal Xbox games play on the 360? 1
Do Best Buy 360s Have The Jasper Chip? 1
Do Community games give achievements? 1
Do Dead Space cheats work again on new game plus? 1
Do gamerscore points from one game count for another? 2
Do gold subscription cards expire? 1
Do i need to buy an official xbox 360 hdmi cable? 4
Do I risk burning out my 360 by frequently watching DVD's? 1
Do old HDDs work with a new Xbox360 Arcade system? 1
Do platinum hits game discs look different from normal ddiscs? 1
Do you get a notification when someone takes you off of their friends list? 3
DO you have to have high speed inet to play on xbox live? 4
Do you have to pay to use Sky TV player on Xbox Live? 1
Do you need to buy Xbox Live for each account on a console? 1
Does a webcam work on the Xbox 360? 1
Does a XBOX 360 have a turbo controller? 2
Does an Xbox 360 Arcade version have enough memory to download any games? 1
Does any one no a way to fix a 360 if it crashed? 1
Does every xbox 360 elite console have problems ???????? 1
Does getting live mean I automatically get a new advatar for xbox 360? 1
Does location determine cost of Microsoft Points? 1
Does saved data get lost? 2
Does the 360 Arcade play actual games? 3
Does the 360 headset mowk on the pc? 1
Does the 60GB starter kit with the 3 month live card come with a hard drive transfer cable? 3
Does the new dashboard (2011) autoplay video files? 1
Does the xbox 360 slim have problems like tehe previous versions ????? 1
Does the xbox 360 slim have problems like the previous versions ????? 1
Downloadable games...? 1
Downloading Game to Hard Drive? 1
Downloading games?? 1
Downloading on XBox Live? 1
Dsl vs Dial-up? 4
Elite version? 1
Error 73? 1
Error ID: 80169d94? 2
Extended 3 year warranty? 1
External harddrive use? 1
Family Timer? 2
For Xbox Live, could I use the same router I use for my PlayStation 3 for online? 1
For Xbox Live, does the 2010 250 GB model have wireless internet? 1
Free 1month gold membership limit? 1
Future Xbox 360 owner wanting to know the difference between Gamertag and Profile. ? 2
Game of the Decade? 2
Game profiles for online? 2
gamertag pointS? 1
Gamertag/Achevements? 2
Gamespot achievements? 1
Getting demos from marketplace??? 2
Golf Games? 1
Good games ? 1
Hard drive help? 1
Hardisk or DVD? 2
HDD transfer? 1
HDMI cable help? 1
Hdmi cable? 1
HDMI for older Xbox 360? 1
Help getting on to Xbox Live? 2
Help saving music and vdeos..? 1
Horizontal Shearing when using 1080p? 2
How can i change the password for when i want to sign into xbox live when i turn my xbox on? 2
How can I get my universal remote to stop turning my 360 on? 1
How can I get xbox live through my laptop? 3
How can i install a game on 360? 1
How can I sync/import music from my zune to my 360 hardrive? Do I need the 360 wireless adapter? 9
How can i veiw internet pages on my x box? 1
How do I access Xbox Live Indie Games? 2
How do I cache games to my HDD? 1
how do I change my username password? 1
How Do I Clean My Controller? 2
How do I combine both my offline and my online account so I can transfer my achievements to the online one? 4
How do I create multiple xbox live names? 1
How do i delete multiple game saves? 2
How do I delete only one save file? 2
How do I enchant an item? 2
How do i fix my xbox 360 controller? 1
How do I fix the IP error when trying to hook up to Live? 4
How do I get new gamer tiles? 2
How do I get nxe? 1
how do I get the Dead Rising case Zero and Plant vs zombie ? 1
How do i get Xbox live SILVER? 4
How do i make bold and italic words? 2
How do i play games i install to my x-box 360? 2
How do I play Xbox games on the XBox 360? 1
how do i put files on the Xbox 360? 1
How do i recover my gamer tag? 1
How do I redeem a Gold Membership Code? 1
How do I register an already registered xbox with a different owner? 1
How do I reprogram the Universal Remote? 1
How do I reset the screen resolution? 1
How do i resolve error code 80190864 when trying to upgrade to xbox live gold? 2
How do i stop lag switchers? 3
How do i transfer data from my original XBOX to my Xbox 360? 1
How do I transfer data from one hard drive to another? 1
How Do I transfer my Gamertag and achivements over to another xbox without xbox live? 1
How do I turn my achievements back on? 1
How do I unlock the Sleggar and the Lovers mission for DWG2? 1
How do I Upload music to my 360? 2
How do you back up your hard drive? 5
How do you delete 0 point games? 1
How do you delete unwanted updates? 3
How do you get 500$ fast and easy? 1
How do you get rate your car to work on midnight club la? 1
How do you make xbox live realize that im 18 now? 1
How do you make your offline profile go online with all of the achivements and the same GT? 1
How do you move dlc content from one xbox 360 to another? 7
How do you set up the 360 with xbox live? 1
How do you use in-game voicechat online? 1
How does one delete the caches for a game? 1
How exactly can I transfer data from one hardrive to mine? 1
How exactly do points work? 1
How long do Xbox Live points last? 1
How long does it take for the RROD to occur on a Elite? 1
How long does the repair take? (The repair part, not the shipping or processing) 2
How many Xbox live profiles can I make? 1
How much $ would I get if sell my wireless n adapter? 1
How much is an X-Box 360? 1
How much is xbox live? 2
How much would I get if I sell Halo odst and Halo 3 for? 1
How much would I get? 2
How to know when the 360 is over-heat? 1
How?? 1
I am thinking of getting a hard drive for my 4GB Xbox Slim. Anything I should know? 1
I cannot re-subscribe to xbox live...any ideas? 1
I deleted a song on xbox 360 guitar hero.How do i get it back? 1
I got the red ring of death a month ago. My Xbox works perfect now. Will The RROD come back? It had 3 rings. 4
I have a question about playing xbox games? 1
I need game suggestions. can someone help? 4
I need help on finding the knowledge to know ho to activate point lookout on fallout three??? 1
I need help to get a gift for my litle sister ? 1
I need info about this project natal?read the info box below... 2
I want a Sephiroth gamer picture!!!? 2
I Would Like To Know If You Can Delete A game with no Achivements Unlocked For A Certain Game? 1
I YU-GI-OH ever coming to the arcade? 1
I'm Interested in buying a "360", Can you help me? 5
I'm looking for a game with ghosts and zombies and such any suggestions? 5
IDo I have to install contents for the game I buy ? 1
If I delete my DLC, will it give me me MS points back? 2
If I have Dial Up and the other person has DSL, can I set the computer so I can use XBL with that person? 2
If I mute someone, can they hear me? 1
If I remove my account from my xbox, can I play my downloaded games on it? 1
If I Send My Xbox 360 Halo Edition to Microsoft,Will I get a White Xbox 360? 2
If my Xbox just got the red ring...? 2
If the 360 isn't under warranty, can I still send it in for repair? 3
If you can delete achievements on games with 0 Gamerscore, why can't you delete achievements on games -with- Gamerscore? 2
If you delete downloadable content, do you have to rebuy it in order to redownload it? 1
If you install a game to the hard drive and the disc is damaged can you play it still? 1
Install games on things other than the hard drive? 1
Install games? 1
Installing games to your hard drive? 1
Installing games? 1
Internal Clock problem? 2
Is 3 quadrant rrod bad? 1
Is 3 RROD is dangerous? 2
Is broken steel an add on or entire different game? 1
Is Halo 3 a must have game for the 360? 9
Is HDMI worth it? 2
Is it possible to access the internet on an Xbox360 like the Wii can? 1
Is it possible to do keep game achievements and game progression if u recover ur tag? 1
Is it possible to keep the lights from flashing on the controller when the batteries get low? 1
Is it possible to make My Xbox the default section on the dashboard? 1
is it possible to put a wii disk into a Xbox 360? 2
Is it possible to restore lost data? 3
Is it really their fault? 1
Is it worth it to buy the elite instead of the pro and arcade? 2
Is Kinect the same thing as an Eye toy ? 1
Is kinect worth it? 1
Is the 360 on its last leg? 1
Is the new "slim" Xbox 360 Elite model compatible with the first wave of video cables for 360? 1
Is the new xbox 360 region free ? 1
Is the xbox 360 compatible with the sony 3d monitor? 1
Is there a controller that use no batterie? 1
Is there a major difference between the normal composite cables(red, yellow, white) to the HD ones? 1
Is there a safe way to get free microsoft points? 1
Is there a way to change the default profile? 1
Is there a way to choose what profile signs in on startup? 1
Is there a way to delete games that you have no achievements in? 1
Is there a way to transfer achievments from one acount to another? 2
Is there any game in 360 tha similar to Metal Gear Solid and AP? 1
Is there any game in 360 tha similar to RE5? 2
Is there any more easter eggs on the xbox? 1
Is there any way to hook up kinect to my 60 gig xbox 360? 1
Is there any way to protect my account for being hacked? 1
Is there any word of the next generation xbox system succeding the 360? 1
Is there such thing as a XBOX 360 Hard drive transfer cable? 2
Is true that cheat codes mess up your x box? 3
Is XBOX 360 worth buying? 6
Is xbox live gold worth it? 1
Just got the adapter!? 1
Kingdom Hearts? 1
Last fm? 1
Launch 360 for a falcon? 1
List of avatar awards? 1
List of Backwards-compatible games? 1
LotR Conquest ? 1
Loud humming noise? 5
Marketplace error code? 2
Memory units? 1
Modding 360`s what the french toast is sup wit that? 1
Monthly Subscription Xbox Live Cancel? 1
More Acievements than normal...? 1
Multiplayer games? 1
Multiplayer xbox live? 1
Multiple Xbox Live Acounts? 1
My brother believes only one profile can have an Xbox Live account. Can other profiles have an Xbox Live account? 1
My brother whant a game but he can not get any thing thats rated M? 1
My friend on XBL told me there will be a dashboard update. When is it available? 5
My Friends List ? 1
my off line gamertag pointS? 1
My rechargable battary wont last as long as it did. Can I fix that? 2
My wireless router is only a g router, should I still use an n adapter? 1
My X360 wireless controller keeps disconecting even when the bar is full? 2
My XBL Account ??? 1
My XBox is slow! Why? 1
Need help with gamertags? 1
New 360 and achievements? 1
New Xbox Slim Transfer Content Solutions? 1
New Xbox, old hard drive? 1
No sound with HDMIcable? 5
NXE without Live? 2
Offline points? 1
Old Xbox live Profiles ? 1
Party/Chat problems? 5
Play and charge kit charging question????? 1
Playing movie? 1
Playing music from mp3 on 360 problem? 3
Problem with my Controller ? 1
Problem with the New Xbox Experience? 1
Profile after Live? 1
Profile switch? 1
Profile transferring? 1
Pros and cons of xbox live? 3
Question about Game room? 2
Question about linking xbox's? 1
Question about Linksys WRT54G's...? 2
Question About the X-Box 360 Slim 4GB Model? 1
Question on DLC and multiple console/profiles, any takers? 1
Question?? 1
Questions about downloading games and Jasper. Also, obligatory ? 2
Questions about Xbox Live? 1
Rambo Gamer Picture ?? 1
Reccomendations for a Xbox 360 to a new player? 1
Red Ring Of Death ??? 1
Regular and premium themes? 1
Release dates? 1
Restart button on ps2 what on x360? 2
Right Analog Stick "Drifting"? 2
RROD questions (?) 1
Saving game on hard drive? 1
Scrolling Horizontal Lines when connected to Xbox LIVE? 2
Selling xboxb360, is it ok to leave account on it? 2
Settings ? 1
Shiping? 1
Should I put the Xbox 360 Slim on layaway or should i buy it and Kinect on Black Friday? 1
Should I set my 360 on its side, or standing upright? 3
So if i trade in? 1
So if i? 2
Sould I get an Xbox 360? 1
Still Cant Retrieve Information From Xbox Live? 2
Still not saving songs? 1
Storing Info? 1
System Link Games? 1
System turns on but no picture or sound? 1
The Charge and play kit? 1
The good ol' XBOX...? 1
The lower right ring on my Xbox is red. What does this mean? 2
The new Xbox 360 4 gig slim questions? 1
The power button? 1
The transferring of game data. Help? 1
Themes and Gamerpics ? 1
Three flahing red lights what does it mean? 4
Trade in Elite console for 250gb slim? 1
Transfering gold account? 1
Transfering Info from Account to Account ??? 1
Transferring Content License? 1
Transferring MS Points? 1
TV to computer video feed? 1
Updates? 1
Updating the Xbox 360 ? 1
Used hard drive? 2
using a memory card to transfer Gamertag? 1
Using an old hard drive on a slim model and license migration question? 1
Using DLC on another console? 1
Video Game information ? 2
Viewing Ninja Gaiden 2 GamerPics? 1
What are achievement points good for? 1
What are Jasper and Falcon Chips? 1
What are the Best Games? 2
What are the best wireless routers compatible with the XBOX 360? 3
what can I do with my Gamerscore? 1
What causes people tog et banned from Xbox Live? 1
What do i lose? 1
What do the rings mean? 1
What do you need to be able to play online? 1
What does 2 red lights on the front of my Xbox mean? 5
What does a spinning ring on my controller mean? 2
What does it mean when ur green lights keep spinning on the controller? 1
What does the Quick Launch do? 1
What does the update in the Xbox site do? 1
What effects happen if you get E74? 2
What fantasy rpg / strategy games are there ? 2
What game should I buy? 1
What game should i get? 2
What game was that? 1
What games can I not play with the 4GB version of Xbox 360 Slim? 1
What games go for the avatar rewards? 2
What games? 1
What happened to the XBOX Live games for the original XBOX Games Played on the XBOX 360? 1
What is the absolute minimum possible speed for playing Xbox Live with? 1
What is the best game? 1
What is the difference between "LIVE" and "XBOX LIVE"? 1
What is the difference between a regular xbox 360 and a xbox 360 elite? 1
What is the difference between Hdmi cable and component cables? 1
What is the point of Achievements? 2
what is the point of saving game to the HDD???????? 2
What is the Price of xbox360 in pakistan? 2
What is the Price of xbox360 in pakistan?but not the console 1
What is this Jasper chip I'm hearing about? 2
What is this new price drop I keep hearing about? 1
What is worse? 1
What kind of wireless router should I get? 2
What kind of Xbox 360 system do i need in order to download content from Xbox Live? 1
what should i get "Burnout: Paradise" or "Midnight Club: Los Angeles"? 1
What the hell is the problem with the backward compatibility patch on my xbox 360?! 2
What the hell is with DNS? 1
what will the HD Mi cable do to my Tv? 1
What'll happen to my Xbox Live Points? 1
What's happening? 1
What's this game? 1
What's with the numbers next to peoples' GamerTagss on Gamercards? 1
Whats a good strategy/rpg game? 7
Whats causing these problems? 1
Whats the easiest way to unsubscribe? 5
Whats the Fail Rate? 1
Whats the largest 360? 2
Whats with installing games? 1
When do I get my packaging lable via email? 1
When i stand up my 360 the disc tray jams but when i lay it down it doesnt. anyone know why? 1
When is the next xbox coming out? 1
When were the last xbox 360 60gb made? 1
When you buy props for your avatar, can you use them on Xbox Live avatars too? 1
When you sign up for xbox live is your first month free? 1
Where can I get this cheapest? 1
Where is the Xbox configuration? 1
Where to buy? 1
Where to plug hdmi? 2
Which game is better? 1
Which is better 250 GB or 4GB? 1
Which one out of these two games should i buy? 1
Which Should I? 1
Which type of 360 is the best deal? 1
Which X360 Slim Bundle should I buy ? 1
Whitch is better? 1
Why can I only hear people who are on my friends list? 1
Why do my mic's keep breaking? 1
Why does my new 120 GB hard drive only have 107 GB of free space? 2
Why does the RRoD appear?? 5
Why get gold membership? 2
why is it that i cant use my Silver account? 2
Why is my 360 slow? 1
Why is the 360 failing in japan? 1
Why was console slow at turning off? 1
Will a 20 GB hard drive be enough? 2
Will a 4 gigabyte xbox 360 have enough memory for these games? 1
Will a new 250gb slim come with a data transfer kit? 1
Will activating 1080p on my 720p HDTV have negative effects? 3
Will I be able to play online with people who have original xbox? 1
Will i be banned in reach if banned in h3? 1
Will I get an e-mail? 1
Will MS fix my 360 if i opened it up and how much will it cost? 1
Will my CRT viewsonic E70 MONITOR be compatible with with an xbox 360....? 2
Will the mad catz hdmi converter make a 720 p look like a 1080p tv? 1
Will the xbox 360 Wireless n adapter work with any router? 1
Will xbox 360 ever have free online play? 1
Windows Media center HELLLLLP? 1
Windows on xbox360? 1
Wireless n adapter help? 1
Witch is better a ps3 or ps3? 2
Would a PS2 rock band drum set work on a Xbox 360? 1
Would Using Cheat Codes Prevent You From Gaining Gamerpoints? 4
Wrong date n time? 1
Wrong date plus time ? 1
X-box Live problem? 1
Xbox 360 arcade graphic problems.? 1
Xbox 360 arcade vs. Playstation 2??? 5
Xbox 360 Arcade? 1
Xbox 360 Backwards Compatability with the Original Xbox? 1
Xbox 360 help? 1
Xbox 360 natal project ? 1
Xbox 360 Red Light in left corner only ? 1
Xbox 360 suspension help? 1
Xbox 360 Trade in value? 2
Xbox 360 video format? 1
Xbox Directx? 1
Xbox game help? 1
Xbox headset problem? 1
Xbox Live Accounts? 2
Xbox Live Age? 1
Xbox live banned recovery?? 1
Xbox live countries? 2
Xbox live how to? 1
Xbox live memberships? 5
XBox live question? 1
Xbox Membership and Points? 1
Xbox rewards question? 1 1
Xbox360's flash disk compare to the normal one? 1
Xbox360+wireless? 1

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