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"X gonna give it to ya!"

Well well, looks like we hit the new generation of gaming, haven't we. The big question on everyone's mind, is it really next-gen? Before I can answer that, I'll have to tell you some facts about the system.

I got the Core bundle. No, not the Premium. Just the core, along with a Memory Card, Call of Duty 2, and Kameo. Will I get a hard drive and wireless controller? Yes, just not now. Have I gone online? No, I haven't. I will soon though, but for now, I am just enjoying the 360 as it is. Now, let's get to the reviewing.

The first thing you notice when you start up your 360 is the graphics. Hands down, these are the best graphics I've ever seen on any system. Previously, I was a hardcore gamecube fan. I loved my gamecube, and I thought the graphics were astounding. Games like Zelda: The Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, ect. were all some of the best games I ever saw, from cel shading to just drop dead gorgeous graphics. Now, I look at Kameo and Call of Duty 2, and even just the 360 menu screen, and I am simply blown away. Just Kameo makes my gamecube look like the ice age. It really goes to show, things can always be improved.

With my wired controller, I explore my 360. Why a 10? Simply because there's nothing wrong, and everything right. They have 4 shoulder buttons, like the playstation. The thing that caught me, was that you can turn on your 360 by pressing the Guide button (The 360 logo), on your controller. It's more for wireless means, but it sure does help. Overall, excellent.

You have it all with your 360. You have headsets for online, wireless internet connection, memory cards, ect. But why an 8? Simply because it's expensive. Prepare to burn holes in your pocket for these. Overall though, nothing wrong here. Moving along...

I have yet to experience online. Next topic.

Very excellent. You can play DVDs and music. Heck, you can play music while playing your game! It's all great here.

This thing is pricy. Not a whole bundle, but it will certainly take some money out of you. The games are $60 each, $10 more than the price of last-gen's games. Is it a huge gap of money? No. Is it still a lot? Yes. The console itself cost $300-$400, depending on which one you get. It's all worth it though.

The juice of the pineapple. The minimum wage of the high-school dropout waitress. Okay, aside from those, the games are great, but no killer apps. Do NOT get confused by that statement. People will go around saying that all the games are boring and not worth it. That is a lie. The fact is, there is none of those mind blowing games out yet, which makes people angry. Another fact though, all of the games out are excellent and fun, and worth a purchase. Some would call the launch games failures, but the fact is they all got excellent reviews, which is not always the case with a console release.

For the future games, we have it set. Oblivion, Final Fantasy XI, Tom Clancy games, ect. The biggest surprise is the new developer, Mistwalker. This new company has the masterminds behind Chrono Trigger, known as one, if not THE greatest RPG of all time. We are currently due for two games from them, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, and I can say that I am sure those will both be kipper apps.

What can I say; I am VERY pleased with the 360. The graphics are amazing. The media is awesome. The controller is comfortable. What can I say? It's a simply excellent system. You should buy it right now. Seriously. Go away and buy it. Now.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 01/30/06

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