Question from Zombiehugger

Asked: 4 years ago

How do you check how long you've played?

I've looked around and I'm guessing people are just estimating, but how do you see your play time?

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From: AirRaidPatrol 4 years ago

The game does not provide a timer for you, so you either have to judge it roughly in your head or actually time yourself.

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As far as I could tell through browsing the game over the last week I have not noticed a play time statistic, but if there is such a thing would it not be in the Statistics section?

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Yeah I went looking all over for a time statistic but nothin dude so you just gotta kinda figure out for yourself how long you have played sorry i couldnt help you out more.

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You could register on, it tracks your play time. It's too late if you didn't do it already though. At least you know for your next game!

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