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    .     .                      .       __        \           
    /|     |     ___  , __        /       |    ___  |   ,   ___ 
   /  \    |    /   ` |'  `.      |       |   /   ` |  /  .'   `
  /---'\   |   |    | |    |      |  /\   /  |    | |-<   |----'
,'      \ /\__ `.__/| /    |      |,'  \,'   `.__/| /  \_ `.___,

Walkthrough By: Whitney Bulna
Xbox 360/PC
Version 1.00

*This guide is only for Alan Wake: The Signal DLC. If you would like the entire
guide, please visit the Alan Wake page in Gamefaqs and locate my entire Alan
Wake guide. 

.___            .     __,   .___..        __.          .
[__ ._ * __ _  _| _    /      |  |_  _   (__ * _ ._  _.|
[___[_)|_) (_)(_](/,  /       |  [ )(/,  .__)|(_][ )(_]|
    |                                         ._|       

+---------------------------------+  *This episode is only available as 
\            *Collectibles*       /   downloadable content from the Xbox
\		   		  /   marketplace. If you purchased a copy of
\ Cardboard Standees: 1.___ 4.___ /   Alan Wake, you'll receive a token card
\		      2.___ 5.___ /   with a redeemable code for "The Signal"
\		      3.___ 6.___ /   If you didn't purchase it, then it is
\                                 /   available for 560 Microsoft Points. 
\ Alarm Clocks: 1.___ 4.___ 7.___ /   
\	        2.___ 5.___ 8.___ /
\	        3.___ 6.___       /
\                                 /

*Just a note, this episode reintroduces the concept of the typewriter words.
Just like the last section of Episode 6, you'll have to shine light onto 
various words, which in return will yield ammo, guns, memories, or enemies when
they are destroyed.*

"The Signal" is the first Episode of Season 2 of Alan Wake. New achievements
are available, along with new collectibles, including alarm clocks and
cardboard standees. The episode will, like always, begin with a recap of last
season. When the episode begins, Alan will be back in the Brights Falls diner,
but something doesn't seem right. Follow the familiar path to the back of the
diner. Enter the men's room in the back by pushing open the door. Open the
bathroom doors and Thomas Zane will contact you through the mirror. Pick up
the flashlight when he drops it for you on the sink.

Pick up the gun that he gives you after you pick up the flashlight, then leave
the bathroom when he finishes talking. When you enter the hallway, everything
will change, and the diner will have a few peculiar television sets in it. 
When you attempt to leave the diner, four Taken will attack behind you. One 
heavy Taken will burst through the kitchen door, and three normal will appear 
in the bathroom hall and behind the counter. You obviously know how to deal 
with them, so destroy them. Move into the kitchen where the heavy Taken came
from and pick up the Alarm Clock (1/10) on the counter. Exit the diner by
kicking down the wood boards blocking the doorway in the kitchen on the left.

You'll now be outside, so follow the path ahead until you are attacked by 
three Taken. You can either fight them, or run to the lit house ahead to save
ammo. When you make it to the house, move straight into the back room, turn 
left, and pick up the Manuscript Page on the floor of the living room. A
cutscene will begin. This cutscene, by the way, contains a piece of dialogue
that made me scoff at the game. Listen for it, it is Verizon related.

Head back to the front of the house and destroy the three words "Flashlight"
"Flaregun" and "Recharge", which will drop a heavier flashlight, a flaregun,
and batteries. Go back outside through the front door, and you'll be right
across the street from the diner. Go to the street, and the televisions will
have a nice welcoming message for you. Pass the cars, and four will
attack; one first, then two, then one more. Head down the right street and 
enter the General Store on the left. You'll have to destroy the possessed door
first. When you enter, destroy the word "Tools" and you'll get a shotgun, a
revolver, ammo, and flares. If you turn to the right, five Taken will attack;
2 heavy, and three normal. Use a flare to give you breathing room, then take
them out. Exit through the back door. Immediately turn right, then right again
and read the Cardboard Standee (1/6) of Odin Anderson next to the fence on the
side of the building. These are similar to signs, and all you have to do is
read them in order to collect them. 

Thomas will call you when you go outside. When the call ends, head over the
boxes and crates and drop down on the other side of the fence. When you do,
look to your left and destroy the word "Tools" to get more ammo. Continue left,
and round the left corner when possible. Destroy the word "Flare" for a flare,
then read the Cardboard Standee (2/6) of Sarah Wheeler next to the word.
Destroy the words "Flash" and "Flare" for a flare and flash bang grenade.
Head back on the road, and jump over the gap to the left. The road will 
collapse under you, but you'll have enough time to jump up to the ground.
When you do this, several Taken, including 1 heavy one and 1 fast one, will
attack from the park ahead. Birds will also attack during this battle. When
they are destroyed, head up the stairs on the right and destroy the word 
"Tools" for ammo and flares. Head over to the Safe Haven to the left of the 

Walk to the street, where all the lights will turn on, and Thomas will call you
again. When he hangs up, head to the light in the alley on the left and jump
over the fence to trigger a checkpoint. Walk forward, and five Taken will 
attack from the front and behind. Destroy them, and head up the large set of
stairs to the right. Drop down into the next yard. Head into the open shack on
the left and destroy the words "Flaregun" and 'Recharge" to get a flaregun and
batteries. Exit, and destroy the word "Memory" in the middle of the yard. This
will trigger the memory of Alan and Sarah searching for Barry. Head through the
gate, and a television will turn on on the right. After this, many possessed
objects will attack, so I suggest using a flare or a flaregun to keep them off
you in the close quarters. When everything is destroyed, pick up the Alarm 
Clock (2/10) on the chair next to the fallen trees by the entrance.

Follow the path to the street and try to open the church doors. You'll need a 
key to open them, but not before the entire float with the deer on it attacks 
you first. The deer will split into three pieces, and the truck will split in 
two, so defend yourself against the possessed objects and the word "Key" will be
available to destroy it their place. 

Sarah will appear and unlock the door. Destroy the word "Tools" in the back
right corner of the church to get ammo, then read the Cardboard Standee (3/6)
of Barry Wheeler to the left of the front door. Head through the back left door
and enter the basement by kicking down the wood planks blocking the door. Drop
down the stairs into the crypt. The best way to describe this part is to
basically destroy all the blast furnaces, labeled with the word "Blast" by
shining light on them. There is also an Alarm Clock (3/10) on a chair in the
back right corner, behind the stairs. Wrap around the right to get to it.
While destroying the furnaces, many Taken will attack. Use the furnaces to kill
them and save ammo. Destroy one when a Taken is standing in front of it for an
instant-kill. If you manage to destroy all the blast furnaces, you'll get the
achievement "Words Will Never Harm You." Clear the area of Taken, then head to
the back right center and destroy the word "Climb" on the stairs, which will
create a ladder for you. Climb up, and head outside and pick up the Manuscript
Page on the ground ahead. Destroy the words that appear, including "Friend",
which will earn you the "A Friend In Need" achievement. Follow Barry's "ghost"
to the stairs in the back, the up the stairs. Destroy the word 'Flashlight"
to get a heavyduty flashlight. Kick the wood, then climb up. 

Continue to follow Barry and destroy the words along the way. After you destroy
the first word "Boom" another one will be around the corner, but Taken will
attack here, so destroy it when they are near to quickly kill them. Follow
the path to a big open field a tv will turn on an four invisible Taken will
attack. These are a new type of Taken, and are harder to see than others. 
Listen for their grunts if you can't find them, or just use a flare. Use the
various "Boom" words around the field while you travel to the other side. 
Follow the train tracks, because the field is huge and it is difficult to
describe the path. When you reach an abandoned train car on the tracks, pick up
the Alarm Clock (4/10) at its base. Follow the path to the Safe Haven, and
collect the Alarm Clock (5/10) from the tent with the 3 "Booms" in front of it.
This tent appears before the Safe Haven, to the right. 

Head past the haven and use the spotlight to destroy the three floating words,
which is "Bridge". Go into the fallen train car and drop down through the
hole, then read the Cardboard Standee (4/6) directly to the right.
Move forward and collect the "Tools" and "Flaregun" words as you pass the tv 
ahead. When you move forward, books will slam into the ground in your path, so 
be careful. Cross the bridge ahead, and be ready to defend against bir....er, 
I mean books. When you pass the bridge, be careful with your flashlight, 
because many of these words trigger birds, enemies, or possessed objects. More 
books will also attack in this area in hopes of getting you to shine your light
on the bad words. Your best route in on the right, where there are only a few 
words in your path. I would just gun it to the Safe Haven so the birds don't 
distract you into destroying bad words. Reach the safe haven across the field, 
and a checkpoint will trigger. Follow to the next segment.

When you reach a large field with many, many light poles, you'll have to follow
the blinking light path around to the opposite end of the field. Many Taken
will attack during this part, so you'll have to make it to the lights or use
flares if you can't. Firstly, there is an Alarm Clock (6/10) to the left when
you first start. Hug the left wall and run to the cliff's edge. The clock is
between two pieces of debris. Quickly head back because you don't want to get
cornered. Make it to the end to the Safe Haven. On the right is a
Cardboard Standee (5/6) of Tor Anderson, right after the haven. Climb the
crane and jump over the fence ahead. Just as a note, you there is an 
achievement associated with not using a single car in the Episode, called
"License Revoked." If you choose to do this, be warned that two monster trucks
and several Taken will attack when you try to cross the field ahead. Either 
way, cross the field to the Safe Haven. There is an Alarm Clock (7/10) on the
right side of the field near a building and a word that can be destroyed to
create a car. Pick it up, restock at the nearby words, then use the controls 
to open the door on the opposite side of the field (Great.) 

Several Taken and possessed objects will attack on your way back. There are 3
cars scattered around the field if you need them. Make you way back to the
warehouse and you'll be ambushed by many Taken. Shoot a flare into the
door and blow up the canisters for a quick kill. Head upstairs in the back and
drop down off the balcony at the top. You'll receive the "License Revoked"
achievement if you didn't use any cars at this point.

To the right of the balcony are two words, so destroy them and pick up the
items. Destroy the "Memory" word in the middle of the lake, then turn left
and walk under the building's balcony. You'll be ambushed by many Taken, so
be careful you don't fall into the water. Destroy the "Climb" word on the left
after everyone is dead, climb up, and move right down the dock and pick up the
Alarm Clock (8/10) at the end. Go back and restock at all the words. Move 
around the crate piles and destroy the chainsaw and normal Taken just before 
the right turn to the Safe Haven. Destroy them, pick up the Alarm Clock (9/10) 
by the fence behind the table and chairs, and enter the Safe Haven.

Move past the haven and kick down the door, then navigate around the boxes, 
killing the Taken that attack by shooting the red canisters. Head upstairs
and into the next room. Navigate around the shelves in here, killing more
Taken with the canisters. Exit outside via the back door. To the right, around
the back corner of the building, is the last Cardboard Standee (6/6). You'll
receive the achievement "Cardboard Companions" for finding them all. Push the
wooden board leaning against the middle stack of crates, then head over to
the controls and immediately run over to the board and jump onto the moving
platform. Be careful not to jump into the water. Let the platform take you to
the other side, where you'll be ambushed by two normal and 1 heavy Taken. Use
a flare to push them back so they don't push you off the platform. Climb up the
two ladders on the right, then drop down into the hole in the roof and watch 
the scene.

After it is over, enter the door behind the backdrop, and follow the path into
Alan's study, where the final Alarm Clock (10/10) is waiting. If you
collected all the alarm clocks, you'll receive the achievement "Tick Tock.
Go to the living room, where Thomas is waiting. Watch the scene, then quickly
destroy the moving televisions on the left. Move through the wall and be ready
for a boss fight. If you can manage to finish this last scene in under 1 
minute and 30 seconds, you'll get the achievement "Fast and Furious." Drop
down to the lowered part and be ready to destroy more televisions ahea and the
two Taken that attack from behind. Use flares and flash grenades to quickly 
move through these last parts if you want the achievement. When they are
destroyed, more televisions will appear and several possessed objects will
attack you. Destroy them, then head onto the dock, restock from the supplies
on it, and destroy the huge boat that drops in front of you, as well as the
flying books/birds that attack. Move forward and kill the last lone
television to complete Episode 7. You'll receive the "A Friend Indeed" 
achievement for completing the episode.