Question from SnarfMySnausage

Asked: 5 years ago

WHy don't I have Bike Dealerships unlocked?

I have all of the car dealerships that used to be grayed out found, and I can teleport to each and everyone one. Why can't I still not get a bike?

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From: badatsuduko 5 years ago

Try to check again if you are missing a dealer.A message is supposed to show saying that you have found all car dealers and that you have unlocked the bike dealerships.I went through the same problem because I forgot the Mercedes Benz dealer and its hard to find

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Turn the map filter to cars only on then zoom out to the maximum if you can find any grey ones change the filter to bike dealers and go to one (jump to the nearest car dealer) and see if you can enter.

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If you have downloaded any DLC lately, then visit those places as well. If not, then look at the map here ( for ones you may be missing. Hope that helps!!!

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