FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/10 | Printable Version

             o__ __o                                                  
            /v     v\                                                 
           />       <\                                                
         o/                 o__  __o      o__ __o/  \o__ __o    __o__ 
        <|       _\__o__   /v      |>    /v     |    |     |>  />  \  
         \\          |    />      //    />     / \  / \   < >  \o     
           \         /    \o    o/      \      \o/  \o/         v\    
            o       o      v\  /v __o    o      |    |           <\   
            <\__ __/>       <\/> __/>    <\__  / \  / \     _\o__</   
                                          o__ __o   
                                         /v     v\  
                                        />       <\ 
                             o__ __o    \o          
                            /v     v\    |>_        
                           />       <\   |          
                           \         /  <o>         
                            o       o    |          
                            <\__ __/>   / \         
                   o              o                         
                  <|>            <|>                        
                  / \            / \                        
                  \o/            \o/    o__ __o/  \o__ __o
                   |              |    /v     |    |     |>
                  < >            < >  />     / \  / \   < >
                   \o    o/\o    o/   \      \o/  \o/
                    v\  /v  v\  /v     o      |    | 
                     <\/>    <\/>      <\__  / \  / \

                    Gears of War FAQ/Walkthrough (X360)
                           Written by ACTestaALT
                     Version 1.0 - Last Updated 2/9/10

Table of Contents
1. What's New?
2. Walkthrough
3. Credits
4. Legal Disclaimer
5. Contact Info

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                               1. What's New?

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V1.0 (2/9/10): Original version of guide.

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                              2. Walkthrough

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Take Cover
   1. Taking cover is probably the most essential ability in the game.
   2. To take cover, press A near an object to use that object as cover.
   3. You can move around in cover with the joystick and press A in 
conjunction to quickly move between covers in different ways.
   4. Taking cover is the fastest way to get you out of harm's way while 
still keeping you in the fight.
   5. While in cover, you can fire with or without aim. Even though aiming is 
much more accurate, you must also visibly rise out of cover to aim and 
therefore become susceptible to enemy attack. When in doubt, stay in cover. 

   1. Reloading is a little different than other first person shooters.
   2. To do a normal reload, press RB to initiate the reload action on the 
screen and try to press the button again when the icon is over the lighter 
area on the reload bar.
   3. You can even get more powerful ammo if you hit the reload spot 
perfectly on the lightest (but smallest) area.
   4. Practice reloading until you can repeatedly reload perfectly because it 
makes battles end much faster.

Be Quick
   1. You can also roadie run by holding down A while regularly moving.
   2. Roadie running, although much faster, is harder to control if you are 
new to the game.
   3. Practice roadie running in a clear area to get the hang of it before 
you execute the ability in combat. Roadie running can be lifesaving if used 

Emergence Holes
   1. The enemy spawns through these emergence holes that will sprout up 
throughout the entire single player campaign.
   2. To seal an emergence hole, switch weapons to your grenades and lob just 
one over to the hole. With luck, the grenade will explode in the hole and sea 
   3. If you do not seal emergence holes, the enemy will just keep respawning 
for a few waves before the hole finally seals itself up.

   1. I suggest you use the default automatic as your primary gun.
   2. Also, try to find the shotgun, bow, and other automatic weapons from 
enemies in the game.
   3. For easiest play, keep both of the automatics as your primary and 
secondary weapons so you have two viable guns at any range.
   4. In addition, the two automatics also have the most combined ammo out of 
any weapons.
   5. Toward the middle and end of the game you can experiment with different 
weapons if you desire. The shotgun is an absolute beast at close range, for 

   1. I will point out any ammo cases that you might find as you play the 
   2. In addition to ammo cases, though, the enemy also drops small ammo 
packs as well.
   3. Be sure to walk over to the enemy's corpse and take any ammo that they 
might have dropped. The corpse sure doesn't need the extra ammo anymore.

Act One: Ashes

14 Years After E-Day
   1. After the game's opening scene, follow Dom into the hall to the right.
   2. You'll have the options of choosing "Combat" or "Training". I'll cover 
"Training" just in case this is your first time playing the game. Exit the 
hall to the courtyard.
   3. COG TAG 1: The first of many COG tags needed for achievements. It's on 
the ground in the courtyard.
   4. Once Dominic Santiago is finished talking, follow him up the stairs to 
the right.
   5. In the room up the stairs, press X at the desk to open the door. Walk 
to the end of the platform outside.
   6. Time to destroy the red breakers. Press LT to aim carefully at both the 
breaker near you and the breaker on the platform across from you.
   7. Press X at the door to bash it open. You can use this room to practice 
covering if you want. It's essential to survival in this game and easily done 
by pressing A near an object you can use as cover.
   8. Head to the opposite end of the cover room and tap A at the stone 
barrier to lean against it. Press up on the joystick and A to hop over the 
barrier to the other side.
   9. Take the ammo on the ground next to you. Bash open the door to your 
right and enter it to a bottleneck point with your first enemy.
  10. Take cover behind the pillars on either side of the bridge and shoot at 
the enemy on the other side.
  11. Once he's down, walk over to the center platform. Take the ammo on the 
ground and press X to the open the security door on the far side of the 
  12. You will probably have to roadie run to get to the door before it 
closes. Once inside, walk through the rooms, head down the stairs, and grab 
the grenades on the ground by pressing X.
  13. After entering the adjacent room, take cover behind the pillars and 
fire at the two enemies running around in the courtyard below. They make for 
rather easy kills if you aim with LT. You can also try throwing grenades down 
  14. COG TAG 2 This COG tag can be found near the courtyard where you first 
used a grenade.
  15. Follow Dom down the stairs to the courtyard. Take cover behind the 
stone barriers as enemies break down the door. Kill them as they disperse 
through the courtyard. Just stand back, take cover, and make your open shots.
  16. Enter the broken door that the enemies came through to greet even more 
enemies. Take cover, flank left, try whichever way you want to kill the 
enemies in the courtyard.
  17. COG TAG 3: This COG tag can be found up the stairs in the last 
firefight area. You must leave an enemy alive and go get it or the game will 
automatically continue on its own.
  18. Once they're toast, wait for the helicopter to make it round along with 
the big bad creature. Roadie run to the helicopter on the far end of the 
courtyard to finish.
  19. Achievement: Prison Breakout

Trial By Fire
   1. After the cutscene, take cover behind the barrier directly in front of 
you and take out the reinforcements as they descend the stairs in front of 
   2. Head to the building up the stairs. Go right once you enter the 
building and walk back outside to another courtyard. Take cover behind the 
first object in the room - a stone pillar - and fire at the three enemies on 
the far side of the courtyard.
   3. Once you defeat the enemies, follow the squad to a set of stairs and 
grab the ammo on the ground. Climb the stairs to a checkpoint.
   4. Another batch of enemies in a courtyard. The game makes it a little 
interesting this time by urging you to flank left. Heed the advice and stay 
left until you are parallel to the enemy's front line of three troops. Mow 
them down by firing at their backsides and take their position. Throw a frag 
in the hole at the far corner of the courtyard to end the waves.
   5. COG TAG 4: This COG tag can be found on the ground near some stone 
debris on the far side of the big courtyard.
   6. Collect the two ammo boxes - one near the hole and the other near a big 
pillar - and follow the squad to another wave of enemies on the other side of 
the courtyard. They're killed easy enough with smart cover and fire strategy.
   7. Follow the squad to the bridge. Press Y to view the "possibly" KIA 
squad and enter the building after the squad opens the door.
   8. Inside this room you'll find another pack of enemies. After destroying 
the first wave, an emergence hole will appear in the center of the room. 
Immediately throw a frag to blow it up. Be sure to take out any leftover 
enemies in the room.
   9. Maneuver around the fallen stone structure in the room to find yet 
another emergence hole. Seal it right away and fall back behind the fallen 
stone as you take out any enemies that spawned as a result of the second 
  10. COG TAG 5: To find this COG tag, turn left at the door. It should be 
right near the building on the ground.
  11. Exit the building and descend the ramp to the deceased soldiers.

Fish In A Barrel
   1. First things first, right after the cutscene ends book it over to the 
right of the hole using the white van as cover. When you reach the other lane 
of the street, take the ammo at the beginning and make your way down to the 
end to flank the enemy.
   2. Take careful aim when shooting at the enemy manning the turret so you 
headshot him. You will have all the time in the world for the first shot, but 
once the enemy is aware of your presence another bad guy will jump out and 
strafe toward you while firing madly. If you haven't killed the enemy manning 
the turret yet, switch your focus to the threat of the enemy firing at you.
   3. Run over to the turret and press X to use it. Turn the thing around 180 
degrees and fire at the line of enemies coming your way.
   4. Follow your squadmates to the next bottleneck wave. Take cover at the 
stone pillar right up near the enemy and proceed to mow them down.
   5. Go through the opening on the other side of the pillow and follow the 
road to the area with the statue in the middle. The statue itself is an 
excellent shooting point for this long area of waves mostly because of its 
central location and stone barrier around its periphery.
   6. Before jumping inside the statue cover area, though, grab any grenades 
in the courtyard surrounding it. They will become infinitely useful in the 
fight to come. Now jump inside and watch as an emergence hole goes off. Use Y 
to hone in on it quick and seal it with a frag before too many enemies get 
   7. Three more emergence holes will sprout out like daisies around the 
statue area. Seal them as fast as you can. Two more grenades are located near 
the dead guy in the statue area.
   8. After sealing all the holes, hop out of the statue cover and follow 
your squad to another area. Pick up the ammo along the way.
   9. COG TAG 6: You should be able to spot this COG tag if you look around 
from inside the circular statue area.

Fork In The Road
   1. First things first, pick up the grenades in the corner to the right of 
the road. Now follow the road straight just a little ways and choose a path.
   2. Either pathway, advance through the rubble until you meet a wave of 
enemies. On the left path, you will discover enemies near the rise to the 
second floor and the guy on the turret in the window across from you. Take 
out the turret guy as soon as possible because he is pinning down your other 
members. Take cover behind the red sofa.
   3. If you choose the right path, you and Dom will run through a building 
until the same turret pins you down. Throw a frag to take him down.
   4. Advance to the next room where you will meet your other squadmates. 
This area is another typical wave of enemy firefight, but you must be very 
defensive here and hide behind any cover you can as there are lots of enemies 
in high places in this area. Kill the enemy in the tower to the right or he 
will pick off all your men behind the cover. Once he's toast, stay at the 
cover in the back and kill all the enemies below. You can take out the turret 
by either throwing a frag or flanking the turret by strafing over to the side 
of it.
   5. Now run over to the turret and press X to use it. From here take out 
all the enemies spawning from the emergence hole over in the area that you 
just covered at. It's the same fight as before only know you have a turret 
and the high ground.
   6. After killing the one wave of enemies, get off the turret and gun down 
the enemy coming through the door directly behind you. Now enter the door the 
enemy arrived from and bash open the following door.

Knock Knock
   1. After the opening discussion, knock open the door at the end of the 
hall and disperse into another abandoned and ruined courtyard.
   2. COG TAG 7: This COG tag can be found on the ground in this area.
   3. Take the ammo and grenades inside the lone building before moving up to 
the elaborate half-oval building.
   4. Another firefight ensues in this area. Take cover behind the sandbags 
or statue as you kill all the enemies that come out of the multiple entrances 
to the oval building. There are ammo cases scattered around the debris in the 
center if you need ammo.
   5. NOTE: You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you take out the 
turret first. Flank it by moving to either the far left or far right so you 
have a shot at the enemy using it.
   6. Follow the squad inside the building until you reach another herd of 
enemies. Take cover behind the fallen stone object and shoot them down as 
they pop out of cover. They will probably be preoccupied with firing at your 
   7. Now run to the hole inside the building and grab the ammo. Keep 
following the crew through the building until another cutscene.
   8. You are greeted by more enemies from a new emergence hole back where 
you started. Take down the enemies and seal the hole.
   9. TIP: You can use the turret to destroy the waves of enemies with ease 
and save ammo.
  10. Follow the squad to the last open doors but do not enter. Instead, let 
the squad enter as you stand back ready. When your squad gets ambushed, 
quickly take out the enemies before they kill your squad. Since the enemy is 
busy beating down on your squad, you are perfectly free to aim and shoot.
  11. Now that the area is clear, follow the squad to a set of stairs to hear 
another squad.

   1. Ascend the stairs and move up to a perfect vantage point overlooking a 
courtyard. One of your friends is pretty psycho down there, holding down the 
fort all by himself. Give him support from your elevated position by shooting 
at the two enemies who enter from the door across from him.
   2. NOTE: If you run low on ammo, another case is located in the left part 
of the room near the window.
   3. Descend down the stairs to the courtyard with Cole and defend the 
position from the lone enemy. If Cole died before be sure to revive him.
   4. Follow the squad up the stairs and over to a closed door. After Kim 
opens it, enter the hall and hold your position while Jack rips the door 
   5. COG TAG 8: This one can be found next to the stone debris where Jack is 
ripping the door.
   6. Soon enough the dreaded Wretches will appear out of nowhere. There are 
at least a few waves of them, but luckily they go down in only a few hits. 
They tend to hang from the ceiling if you just wildly shoot at them so be 
   7. TIP: There is an ammo case near the door Jack is ripping if you run 
   8. Enter the door Jack opened to find yourself in a room with a few 
bookshelves. Grab the Hammer of Dawn on the ground near the ammo case.
   9. Exit through the open doors in the center of the room and make your way 
to a giant Locust. This is why you grabbed the Hammer of Dawn so switch to 
that weapon, aim at the giant creature, and hold down the fire button to hurt 
it. After two rounds of the hammer, the beast will be down.
  10. NOTE: The giant creature will spawn airborne enemies that your squad 
will usually take down. If they don't, the flying creatures will explode into 
you and cause massive damage so be weary if they get too close.
  11. Now enemies from the adjacent building will come out and start firing 
at you. Luckily a well-guarded bridge separates both of you, so hide behind 
the stone wall and take your shots. Four enemies will come out and play.
  12. Cross the bridge and head north to where you killed the giant creature 
to find some more ammo. Now follow the squad back inside the room with the 
bookshelves and run right back to the courtyard where you met Cole.
  13. A giant creature spawns and takes up the entire ground level of the 
courtyard. Quickly switch to the Hammer and hold down the fire button while 
aiming at the creature to blow it up. It will take two full shots to down it.
  14. Make your way to the other side of the courtyard, flanking any enemies 
along the way, and follow the squad to another door that Kim opens.
  15. Take the stairs down the newly discovered room and kill both the 
wretches caught napping in the hall to your left. Head down the hall and over 
to the courtyard with the giant creature.
  16. After more chatter on the comm, enter the door to a room with several 
bench seats that make great cover. Stand back and watch the wretches 
infiltrate the room. They make easy targets if you just stay back and shoot.
  17. COG TAG 9: After going down the stairs, look into the corner to the 
  18. NOTE: Wretches can be easily dodged by moving so they are no real 
threat unless they gang up on you.
  19. Follow the squad through the room and press Y to discover the corpse of 
Rojas. After Kim opens the door, run right through and take cover at the 
first red sofa.

   1. From the get go a wave of two enemies infiltrates the room and starts 
the party. You can pick them off as they run from the door if you're fast 
   2. After killing both enemies, run outside to another giant creature that 
needs to be killed with the Hammer of Dawn. Swap to it and fire at the giant 
beast twice to kill it. Same rules apply as last time with the airborne 
creatures. In addition, you'll need to get some cover or the enemies from 
across the causeway will be trouble.
   3. NOTE: A much needed case of ammo lies at the end of the broken bridge.
   4. Now that the giant beast that spawns airborne creatures is dead, take 
out the remaining enemies on the other side of the bridge and reenter the 
   5. NOTE: You're finish using the Hammer of Dawn for now. Swap it back with 
the enemy automatic or the shotgun.
   6. Enemies will infiltrate from the northwest door after they open it. If 
you take cover behind a sofa and fire as they run through the door, you 
should kill them all rather easily. A last enemy hangs out behind a stone 
barrier through the broken door.
   7. Enter through the newly discovered door and run right down the hall 
until you call up the other squad again. After talking with them, hop the 
stone rubble in your path and head down the hall.
   8. NOTE: Along the hallway you will find a different type of pistol and 
some more ammo.
   9. At the next room the battle music cues and you just know another 
firefight will take place. Two enemies will jump out of the opposite side of 
the room and take cover behind a wall and a stone barrier. Hide behind the 
desks and shoot at the enemy as they peak out and fire at you.
  10. Head to where the enemies came from and walk down the hall. You're 
greeted with another smart batch of enemies that likes to hide behind the 
fallen ruins in this room. Just take cover wherever you like and fire away. 
There are three enemies in all and some might wander back.
  11. Follow the squad to one of the troikas that was giving everyone so much 
trouble. Time to take care of it right now. Roadie run to the opening to the 
right when the troikas is not firing.
  12. In this hall a batch of five wretches will come out and play. Just 
stand back and take your shots. If any wretches reach you, dodge them by 
moving around randomly.
  13. Follow the hall until you reach the backside of the troika. Flank the 
nuisance by aiming very carefully and headshotting him cold.
  14. Now many the troika and take out the waves of wretches. Just hold the 
fire button down and aim down the hall.
  15. NOTE: If any wretches make it to the turret, your squad should be able 
to take care of them. However, if you become overpowered you will have to get 
off the troika and take out any wretch that made it to you.
  16. Take the hallway to the right of the turret and hang a left at the 
hallway intersection. Follow the hall all the way to another room with more 
enemies. Hang out at the top stairs and pick off the three enemies in the 
room. They like to take place behind the statue, red sofas, and the 
  17. Grab any loose ammo in the room, hop the desk obstructing the door, and 
head up the stairs to a circular room and more dialogue.
  18. Ascend the stairs on the other side of the room and take out the enemy 
manning the turret. Now you need to clear out the whole area below you with 
the turret. Just hold down the fire button and line up your shots. There are 
probably a dozen enemies below.
  19. NOTE: Flying creatures can still explode into you here. Make sure 
nothing gets too close to you in the sky.
  20. TIP: Make use of the other troika on this balcony so kill any enemies 
out of reach.
  21. This act will end with a long cutscene once all the enemies below are 

China Shop
   1. As you might have guessed, this mission involves killing the big 
berserker in the cutscene. Since you probably do not have the Hammer of Dawn, 
walk backwards a few steps to the end of the hall and swap it for your worser 
   2. COG TAG 10: Right near the Hammer of Dawn on the ground.
   3. Achievement: Time to Remember (Collect ten COG TAGS)
   4. NOTE: Try to be as quiet as possible when you are near the berserker by 
lightly pressing on the joystick. Marcus will walk slower and the Berserker 
will have less of a chance to know where you are located.
   5. Continue down the hall to a large room when the ground shakes. Looks 
like the berserker is near. Try to cross the room completely and the 
berserker finally makes his appearance.
   6. Dodge the berserker by pressing A left or right when he charges at you. 
Take the only opening on the right corner of the room at the end and roadie 
run through this room to another.
   7. Here, you have to lure the berserker over to a door and dodge right 
before he gets to you. The berserker should charge right into the door and 
bash it down for you.
   8. TIP: Luring a berserker is not difficult. If you switch to your pistol 
and fire once at him, the berserker should just straight up bull charge to 
wherever you're at. Remember to dodge!
   9. If you can't make him hit the door right on, roadie run to the opposite 
end of the room, lure him over there, and roadie run back to the door side. 
The berserker will not give you enough time to setup and safely dodge if you 
just stay on one side of the room.
  10. After he breaks down the first door, enter the opening and roadie run 
through this next room to an adjacent room with another door. Again, lure the 
berserker to your location and have him charge into the door by using 
yourself as bait.
  11. COG TAG 11: In second room where you must get the berserker to charge 
into the door, to the right of the door in a windowed area should lie a COG 
  12. One more room and door to break down until you are outside.
  13. COG TAG 12: This COG tag is located in the outside courtyard where you 
must kill the berserker.
  14. From here, roadie run over to the stone rubble in the center of the 
courtyard and fire at the berserker. Dodge right before he gets to you and he 
will slam into the stone.
  15. Since he's a little dazed, you should have enough time to fire off the 
Hammer of Dawn once. He'll soon regain his bearings and charge at you again. 
Dodge and roadie run to another object in the area (such as a wall, stone 
object, etc.) that the berserker can charge into.
  16. Lure him again and while he's still use the Hammer of Dawn a second 
time. He should be toast by now.
  17. TIP: You could also try to use Dom as bait when you are firing the 
Hammer of Dawn at the berserker. Dom will be knocked out but you're sure to 
get a shot off.
  18. Achievement: Completed Act 1 on Casual

Act Two: Nightfall

Tick Tick Boom
   1. After the beginning cutscene, you'll find yourself at an alley. Walk 
down to the end and swap the Hammer of Dawn with the shotgun on the dead guy 
at the corner. Continue following the street.
   2. Choose the right path when opted (or the left - you just go inside the 
house first with Dom instead) and head down the road. After noting that it's 
supposedly a dead end, take the grenades near the white ramp and then use 
that ramp to ascend to ground level for the house. Now jump over the white 
debris and into the house.
   3. NOTE: Take the ammo on the ground after going up the few steps.
   4. Inside the building, head left and straight into the second floor room 
with a view of the first floor in the center. Watch the grenadier cutscene 
and then take cover behind the rail.
   5. Kill both of the grenadiers. They do not know you are behind them for 
the first shot, but after that they might fire at you. Either throw a grenade 
or put some automatic burst into them.
   6. Enter the opening next to the door you came through to get to the next 
similarly structured room. Take out the lone enemy ahead of you to the right 
and then hop over the rubble to his location.
   7. From here, go inside the room and out the opening to another 
checkpoint. Grab the ammo to the right and then enter the opening at the end 
of the platform. Head left and descend the stairs to the streets.
   8. COG TAG 13: Located under the couch after the stairs.

   1. Follow the street until you find yourself at another firefight near a 
building. Take cover behind the car and kill the grenadiers below.
   2. NOTE: A sniper is firing at you from the building so you should keep 
cover until you are out of his line of sight.
   3. Enter the building that the enemies were defending and hide behind the 
little gap in the hall to the left so you don't take enemy troika fire. Your 
squadmate will throw a grenade and destroy it. Infiltrate through the room to 
the wooden pillar and use that as cover. A wretch and a few other enemies are 
in this room and like to take cover behind the red sofa.
   4. After clearing the room, walk to the far corner with the silver door 
and try to bash it open by pressing X. Marcus can't get the door to open so 
Jack goes to work on opening it. Go through the door once it's open and 
follow the alley to a new area.
   5. Jump over the white debris and you'll be at another checkpoint. Bash 
open the silver door in this area to reach another big firefight with 
grenadiers. Take cover behind the car and get to work. The grenadiers are 
very easy to shoot at if you stay back at the car and shoot as they are 
shooting at other targets.
   6. After destroying everyone in your line of sight, advance through the 
area and to the right to find another firefight. Hide behind the stone blocks 
and take out all the enemies. The only problem is the sniper in the window.
   7. NOTE: I advise that you pick up the ammo case plainly seen in the 
center of this area AFTER you clear it. The ammo case should replenish most 
of your ammo.
   8. Head over to the building with the sniper and take the only opening to 
the left of it. Climb the stairs and follow the flimsy platform around to the 
other side. Along the way you will encounter three wretches that are easy 
enough to kill.
   9. Use the opening on the opposite side to get back outside. Four more 
wretches will come and fight. After one shotting them, walk down the stairs 
and follow the street.
  10. COG TAG 14: This COG tag is located behind the stairs.
  11. NOTE: An ammo case is located behind some debris to the left when you 
first enter the street.
  12. Follow the street until the granddaddy surfaces. Take cover behind the 
barriers in the street and destroy the grenadiers down the road.
  13. Keep following the road and you'll reach another checkpoint. Hop the 
white barrier and press A at the rear of the car. Marcus will take cover 
against it but can also push it if you tap X. Move along the street, pushing 
the car as cover, until you reach the other side.
  14. Grenade the troika and take out the enemies in this area. Find a good 
cover position and start firing away.
  15. NOTE: There are multiple ammo cases in easy to spot locations on the 
bridge before you. If you find yourself out of ammo, run back to them.
  16. The fight is immeasurably easier once you grenade the troika. After 
that you can keep advancing with your squad and mowing down the lines of 
  17. Follow the road and alleys all the way to the stranded gatekeeper.
  18. COG TAG 15: To find this COG tag, head forward from the the last stairs 
to the stands near the walkway.

   1. Once he opens the gate, enter through and walk down the sheltered 
community. Press Y at every opportunity to enjoy the scenery.
   2. It's just you and Dom now. Walk down the street and head left as you 
find out the vehicle is located at a gas station.
   3. Follow the road until the end. You can find a door to your left that 
you can bash open. Go inside.

Lethal Dusk
   1. Run through the building and bash open the door on the other side to 
get back outside. Use cover as you take out the grenadiers and assorted 
enemies on the ground. In addition, there are a sniper across from you in the 
   2. After clearing the area, shoot the white propane tank and enter the 
sniper's house to receive the Longshot. Now you should keep the Lancer and 
the Longshot for most of the game because they are two of the better weapons.
   3. Run with Rom to the wheel and tap A to get across.
   4. NOTE: Kryll come out and play at night. They will massacre you if you 
venture into the shadows. Stick to the light at all costs!
   5. Get off and climb the stairs to reach checkpoint one and another 
cutscene. Ouch!
   6. NOTE: You can find ammo at the tent to the right.
   7. Walk left down the path and bash open the door at the end. Run through 
the building to find another courtyard with matching emergence hole. Seal it 
up and clear them out.
   8. Stay in the light! Once the area is clear, starting shoot the propane 
tanks to make the area lighter. Go from light area to light area down the 
path until you reach another troika. Take out your Longshot while in cover 
and headshot the guy manning the turret.
   9. COG TAG 16: This COG tag is near a propane tank in the firefight.
  10. Kill any remaining enemies and roadie run across the big dark stretch 
to the building. Switch to your pistol and fire at the propane tank in the 
building to make light.
  11. TIP: If you want, you can blow up propane tanks to kill enemies.
  12. Head through the building. Watch out for the lone wretch inside. Bash 
the door at the end to find yourself at another firefight. Seal up the 
emergence hole and snipe out the targets with the Longshot.
  13. Once the area is clear, head left down the street to the emergence 
hole. Shoot any propane tanks on the ground along the way.
  14. Head through the building and back outside to another firefight. First 
things first, take out the Longshot and snipe the troika pest. Take cover 
behind the car and even push it along if you can't snipe the troika out.
  15. After taking out all enemies, head to the building near the troika and 
take the ammo. Walk down the hall and when you reach the alleyway roadie run 
to the building at the end. If you're too slow the bats might eat you up.
  16. Go through the building and outside again. Here, press Y to view the 
event as soon as you can to see another emergence hole sprout up in the area. 
Seal it up with a grenade to end the threat and clear any enemies who got out 
of the hole.
  17. Now shoot the propane tanks and make your way through the park area. 
Stay out of the darkness!
  18. Keep heading down the road and blow up the propane tank to the right. 
Run inside the building with the spotlight and climb the stairs to the second 
  19. NOTE: Take the ammo case on the ground in the spotlight building.
  20. COG TAG 17: This COG tag can be found near the building with the 
  21. Wield the spotlight and keep the light on Dom as he walks through the 
road. Once he's over, get off the spotlight and head back down to the street. 
Take out the wretches and follow Dom to a checkpoint.
  22. In this area a emergence hole comes up so be quick and seal it right 
away. Roadie run passed the dark stretches and shoot the slightly hidden 
propane tank.

Dark Labyrinth
   1. You're inside a building after the cutscene. Make your way all the 
through the building and back outside. There are wretches all about inside 
but by now they should not be too difficult.
   2. COG TAG 18: This cog tag can be found right outside the building with 
the wretches.
   3. After exiting the building, shoot the propane tank in the car on the 
street and run over to it. Push the car down the road while it is on fire so 
the bats won't get you.
   4. Soon enough you'll reach the gas station.

Powder Keg
   1. NOTE: Inside the building of the gas station you will find ammo and 
grenades. You're gonna need them.
   2. Go over to the pump. Press X to hold the handle and tap A to pump.
   3. You're now faced with waves and waves of enemies so run back to the 
building of the gas station. This will be your cover base for the duration of 
the fight.
   4. Grenadiers, wretches, and normal enemies will appear from all 
directions. Take out the grenadiers first as they can one shot you and your 
friends. Either headshot them with the Longshot or bomb them with a grenade.
   5. TIP: Armored creatures that normally take several bullets to kill are 
very vulnerable to headshots. Get special reloads with the Longshot and start 
sniping away.
   6. After destroying a few waves get over to the vehicle for your getaway.

Burnt Rubber
   1. NOTE: The vehicle can either drive or emit light but not both. Press X 
to switch between the two jobs as the waves of bats follow you around.
   2. Between fending off the bats with the light, switch back to driving and 
follow the street all the way down.
   3. TIP: The man accompanying you from the gas station will promptly tell 
you when the bats are coming. Be mindful and switch to the light when they 
make their rounds.

Last Stand
   1. At the wooden bridge go left into the building. Pick up the ammo case 
and seal the emergence hole with a grenade. In addition, use the Longshot to 
kill any wandering enemies in the area.
   2. After the first emergence hole, another pops up at the other side of 
the area. Press Y to pinpoint the location and roadie run over to it. Seal it 
with the grenade and destroy any enemies that might have spawned.
   3. A third emergence hole appears, this time near the troika. Quickly seal 
the hole and man the troika.
   4. Kill the armored big bad guy with the troika. Dodge the explosives he 
deals out.
   5. Now there are even more enemies about. Instead of sealing up the hole 
in the traditional sense because you're out of ammo, shoot the tank so it 
will leak oil. After that, shoot the propane tanks near and take cover.
   6. Soon enough everything will go boom and the area will become clear.
   7. Achievement: Completed Act 2 on Casual

Act Three: Belly Of The Beast

   1. After the cutscene, venture down the path with Don. Another cutscene 
will occur, and after more walking you'll see a wave of wretches on the 
   2. These wretches have explosives attached to their body which makes them 
more of a suicide mission than anything. If you don't kill them at a distance 
they will explode into you and cause massive damage. On Insane one hit from 
an exploding wretch will kill you.
   3. Take out the wretches at range and continue down the path until you 
reach a doorway. Inside, walk along until you encounter more of the same 
wretches. Kill them at range and continue to follow the way.
   4. COG TAG 19: This COG tag can be found by taking the bridge. At the end 
of it lies the COG tag on the ground.
   5. After discovering the elevator does not work, head down to the house. 
Inside, turn on the generator by pressing X at the glowing button.
   6. Backtrack to the elevator and take it.

   1. Head down the hall to the right. When you reach the locked door, 
backtrack and take the alternative door.
   2. NOTE: There is a box of ammo on the ground.
   3. Head through the door to reach another hall. Bash open the door at the 
end and follow the Stranded until the reach the area with the wooden planks.
   4. These planks are prone to falling! You must tread very slowly through 
this area and immediately run back to the previous plank when you hear the 
wood break and feel the controller vibrate. Just go very slow and fall back 
whenever it looks like a plank is going to fall.
   5. COG TAG 20: This COG tag is located in the very right corner of the 
plank room.
   6. Achievement: Honor-Bound (Collect 20 COG TAGS)
   7. NOTE: If you fall there is a ladder. Don't panic!
   8. After making your way to the other side of the wooden plank room, take 
the ammo case and follow the rooms an underground area.
   9. Walk slowly down the path until you see the wretches in sight. Shoot 
them before they reach you or they will cause major damage by exploding.
  10. In the next room, kill the wretch and venture down the area. Here, use 
the wheel to open a door. Head through the newly opened door to reach your 
squad. Follow the path until you get to another elevator. After Marcus fails 
at busting it open, Jack will get to work at it and you know what that means; 
enemies ahoy! After defeating them (take cover and go berserk), go through 
the Jack-opened doorway.

Coalition Cargo
   1. Grab the ammo case in this area.
   2. COG TAG 21: Head through the doorway to your left and follow path until 
you descend a set of stairs. The COG tag can be found at the bottom.
   3. Go back to the original room and hit the button. Venture down the 
stairs to the miner carts.
   4. Inside the cart, take out any wretches or other enemies as you move 
along. One enemy will be greeting you at the end of the track.
   5. Head through the door and walk until you reach another door. Before 
opening it kill the wretch.
   6. NOTE: Be sure to grab the grenades along the way.
   7. Follow the path until you reach another armored enemy. Use the Longshot 
in conjunction with the enemy's head to make for an easy victory. Take this 
time to get acquainted with the Longshot because you're gonna need to know 
how to use it later.

Darkest Before Dawn
   1. COG TAG 22: This COG tag is located on the ground down the normal 
walking path.
   2. Keep following the path until a cutscene. You'll encounter the usual 
exploding wretches along the way.
   3. After the cutscene, take cover and kill the enemies firing at you.
   4. COG TAG 23: From here head right to the stairs. The COG tag should be 
on the ground.
   5. Ascend the stairs, bash open the door, and follow the path. Press Y at 
the first available opportunity to see the sniper. Get out your Longshot and 
snipe away yourself.
   6. Continue walking. Kill the assorted enemies along the way and take a 
left to find another path. Soon you will fall even lower and again encounter 
more wretches. Take them out right away and dodge if they lunge for you.
   7. Walk down the area until you have the option of choosing right or left. 
Both are practically the same and involve venturing down a side-by-side path 
full of enemies. They shouldn't prove difficult, though, because you have the 
   8. Reunited with Dom, follow the path until you reach more ceiling 
wretches. After clearing them, follow the tunnel to the very end.
   9. COG TAG 24: In the open area immediately following the tunnel, head 
right and hug the wall to the COG tag.

Angry Titan
   1. Another boss battle. This time you're against a big Corpser. Take out 
your Lancer and keep your distance. If you get too close the Corpser will hit 
you back.
   2. Provoke the Corpser into attacking. It will raise its defenses and 
leave its stomach vulnerable. Fire at the belly to knock the Corpser down. 
After that, shoot at the bottom of its face to cause even more damage.
   3. After doing this a few times, you'll successfully move the Corpser back 
to the unstable foundation. Take this time to fire at the chains holding the 
platform that the beast is on. Soon enough the Corpser will meet its demise.
   4. After killing the Corpser, head right and rejoin the squad.

Tip Of The Iceberg
   1. Follow the path and pick up the Torque Bow that the game points out to 
   2. When you reach the area with the new Torque Bow enemies and the big 
building, stay on the periphery and snipe them all down before you infiltrate 
down below.
   3. Take out any remaining enemies outside the building. Head toward the 
entrance inside and get ready to take out the additional enemies inside. They 
should be pretty easy with the Torque Bow. After disposing of them, press Y 
to find a button you need to press.
   4. Achievement: Completed Act 3 on Casual

Act Four: The Long Road Home

Campus Grinder
   1. Take cover behind the first thing you see and destroy all the enemies 
in the firefight. By now hopefully you just use a Torque Bow and a Longshot 
because those are the most powerful weapons.
   2. COG TAG 25: Walk forward up the two stairways to a blocked door. The 
COG tag should be on the ground.
   3. Continue forward until you reach another firefight area. Take out the 
sniper in the building and keep the assorted waves of enemies at bay.
   4. TIP: If you run short on ammo, you can find an ammo case inside the 
building with the sniper.
   5. You'll also encounter a very fierce armored wave of grenadiers. If you 
still have the Torque Bow they will only take one shot each. If not, use a 
few grenades.
   6. When opted, take the left path and follow your squadmate until you 
reach a nice lookout point. Take out the Longshot and start sniping away. Be 
wary of the enemies with Torque Bows as they can one shot you back.
   7. Once the area is clear, continue by jumping over the object near the 
window. When you reach another area with wretches, take them out and pick up 
the Hammer of Dawn.
   8. With your new Hammer of Dawn, aim at the giant creature from inside the 
safety of the house. Switch back to your Longshot and take out any remaining 
enemies in the area using the house as good cover.
   9. Now continue down the area. Use the wheel to open the door. Keep 
continuing along the way and snipe out the sniper at the window.
  10. When you finally reach back outside, use any wall or barrier as cover 
and take out the wave of enemies. Wretches will now spawn. After 
exterminating them, head over to the building across the street.
  11. Inside the building, head through to the opposite end and shoot out the 
propane tank.

Bad To Worse
   1. COG TAG 26: Walk down the road until you reach debris. Head right to 
the wall and the COG tag should be around there.
   2. Go left at the debris now and continue down the path until you a locked 
door that Jack must open. You know what this means. Get out of the Longshot 
and kill the waves of enemy that threaten poor old Jack.
   3. Once the wretches and normal enemies are down, an emergence hole pops 
up and two armored bad guys decide to play. Use the Torque Bow to effectively 
one shot them.
   4. Inside the building that Jack opened, follow the path and descend down 
the stairs. Grab the Hammer of Dawn and make your way through the building 
until you find a berserker.
   5. This fight is more of the same thing as before. Again you need to get 
the sky clear so you can use the Hammer of Dawn. Of course, that means you 
need to get the berserker to charge into the pillars in the room. Just 
remember to dodge right before the berserker reaches you. If you mess up just 
restart at the checkpoint.
   6. When the berserker has charged into enough pillars, swap to the Hammer 
of Dawn and fry the poor beast.
   7. Now use the wheel to turn on the water and open the path for you.

   1. Make your way to the next firefight area. Use the Hammer of Dawn if 
it's still online. Otherwise, switch to the Longshot and Torque. Take out the 
troika first with a headshot and then melee the wretches to death.
   2. Kill any remaining enemies and head through the far door to another 
   3. Here, stay back at the beginning of this zone and just snipe out all 
the enemies. After a few waves another armored enemy will appear. Switch to 
the Torque Bow to one shot kill the nuisance.
   4. Walk through the hallway, bust open the door, and follow target enemy. 
Along the way you'll encounter more enemies who wield shotguns. Stay far away 
and kill them; if you get too close you run the risk of being killed.
   5. Take out another armored creature with the explosive weapon and follow 
the pathway again. Soon you will reach a much needed case of ammunition. Head 
through the gateway.

Close To Home
   1. Immediately take cover behind the rail and swap to the Longbow. Snipe 
out any enemies below and especially don't let them fire Torque arrows at 
   2. TIP: There are two cases of ammo on this level if you run low.
   3. TIP: Grab all the Torque ammo that the enemies dropped around here.
   4. Descend the stairway, bash open the door to the left, and take the 
ammo. Go back outside and venture to the far area into the mausoleum. Run 
through the mausoleum to the next area, killing the enemies along the way.
   5. At the new area, destroy the troika first with your Torque Bow. Switch 
to your Longshot and kill any remaining enemies. Stay in cover and snipe 
   6. Afterwards, head through the open gateway and follow the path. After 
defeating the lone enemy, bust open the gate to continue.

Imaginary Places
   1. We're working our way to the top of this area now. First things first, 
grab the Torque Bow from the lone enemy's corpse if you haven't got one 
already. Swap to your Torque bow and kill the armored enemy above you.
   2. Now continue to the top until you reach the estate. Bust open the door 
to enter Fenix's place.
   3. Make your way to the second floor of the house and follow the rooms to 
the back. After killing the enemies around here, head back to the entrance of 
the build to discover some open emergence holes.
   4. You know what to do by now. Lob a grenade at a hole to seal it and kill 
any loose animals. You will have to repeat this process a few times around 
the house.
   5. Once all holes are gone, walk around until you find an open doorway. 
Take the door down the hall to a library.
   6. COG TAG 27: This COG tag is located underneath the desk in the library.
   7. Continue to the next room. Use the wheel to open a gate and descend the 
stairs. Kill the enemies at the bottom and make your way through the rooms in 
the basement.

   1. After going down the stairs, bash at the shelf to get Jack to start 
working on it. Whenever Jack tries to open something you need to fight. Just 
defend with whatever weapon you desire. Since we're nearing the end of the 
game, be sure to keep the Torque Bow.
   2. TIP: Take cover behind the pillars.
   3. After Jack opens the door, enter and walk forward to the second level. 
Now run all the way through the house again, killing wretches along the way, 
until you reach the second floor again. Take a gander near the window to see 
what you're up against outside.
   4. Snipe out the enemies outside as they inevitably force themselves 
inside the mansion. Take out any leftovers that make it inside and descend to 
the first floor. Now go through the open doorway and follow the rooms. Soon 
you'll reach a window with a good view of the area outside. Seal the 
emergence hole outside by throwing a grenade out the window.
   5. Clear any remaining enemies outside and finally shoot at the wood. 
Descend the stairs, bust open the door, and you should now be at the 
courtyard with all different types of enemies after you. Don't stress over 
time and roadie run to the vehicle ahead of you to end the act.
   6. Achievement: Completed Act 4 on Casual

Act Five: Desperation

Special Delivery
   1. Get behind some cover fast and use the Longshot to take out the snipers 
first. After that, an emergence hole to the left appears with matching 
enemies. Seal the hole and exterminate the wretches.
   2. NOTE: Grenades can be found right near the dead soldier.
   3. One more emergence holes appear near the white vehicle. Your priority 
first and foremost should be to seal the hole. After that, clear any enemies.
   4. After one more emergence holes near the white vehicle, walk down the 
wood platform by the train to reach another area.

Train Wreck
   1. Head through the train cars killing all the enemies along the way. Now 
you positively NEED a Torque Bow and Longshot equipped so make sure you have 
both of those.
   2. At the end of the car you'll have another berserker fight while Jack 
tries to open a door.
   3. Thankfully this is the last berserker you'll have to face. This time 
you'll need to be a bit more creative. Lure the berserker back through the 
cars until he's at the car with the green button. While the berserker is on 
the car, press the button to detach the car.
   4. With the Berserker gone, head through the door Jack opened.
   5. COG TAG 28: This COG tag is in the corner to your left once you go 
through the door.
   6. NOTE: Another type of flying enemy will come out and play now. This one 
can fire at you so take cover along the train. Alternatively, torque bow them 
to death if you want.
   7. Follow the train car to the very next, killing the assorted enemies 
along the way.
   8. COG TAG 29: At the train divider, look in the corner to the right.
   9. Continue down the train until you reach a ladder. Climb it and man the 
turret to kill the flying enemies.
  10. Flying enemies down, continue down the train. You'll encounter an 
armada of those exploding wretches. Release the tanks when you get to them 
and run along the train to another door.
  11. Inside, run to the opposite door which Jack must open. The last of the 
classic defend-Jack firefights, this time with exploding wretches again.
  12. TIP: Dodge like crazy and shoot from the hip.
  13. After defeating the wretches, go through the newly opened door and over 
to the next train. Press the green button and head down the train further.
  14. COG TAG 30: Head left at the corner and follow the path to a door. 
Inside is the last COG tag.
  15. Achievement: For the Fallen (Collect 30 COG TAGS)
  16. Get ready for the final fight!

Pale Horse - Boss: General RAAM
   1. Preparations: The final battle is much easier if you have the Longshot 
and the Torque Bow with full ammo. Also, having the maximum number of 
grenades is a major advantage.
   2. Open the door to activate another cutscene. The battle commences.
   3. The basic strategy: make something explode near or on the General to 
cause the bats to fly away. The bats are the General's protection. When they 
are flying about, quickly switch to the Longshot and headshot the General.
   4. TIP: This battle goes by much faster if you always get quick reloads 
with your gun. Practice!
   5. When General RAAM reaches your location, roadie run to the other side 
of the train and repeat the process.
   6. After four or five shots to the head with perfectly reloaded Longshot 
shots, the General will finally be defeated.
   7. Achievement: Completed Act 5 on Casual
   8. Achievement: Mercenary (Complete every act)
   9. Congratulations on completing Gears of War!

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