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"Gore never looked or tasted so good"

Graphics: Amazing graphics. Very realistic. Well, as realistic as you can be when there is so much going on at once. I mean, with Cole chainsawing someone/something to your left, Baird blowing someone/thing away to your right and Dom his lancer from behind you ,meanwhile, 5 or 6 locust firing a seemingly endless amount of bullets at you, it gets pretty overwhelming. I believe that I believe that Epic Games did a good job of redering it so beautifully. The only issue I had was the blood/gore is...different. You'll see for yourself.10/10

Sound: I liked the sound in this game. The voices are very well done and the mouths move in sync with the voices nicely and smoothly. And for once in a shooting games, the games creators did not overdo the the gun noises in terms of volume or muzzle flash. The guns actually sound nice. 10/10

Storyline: The storyline is nearly nonexistant, and normally this would frustrate me, but for the first time in a game, I was okay with a nonexistant storyline. This game just makes you feel good. The game is about a war going on on a planet known as Sera. It starts off with a man named Dominic Santiago breaking into an abandoned jail to rescue Marcus Fenix, the character you play as. You then begin learning why Marcus Fenix a decorated soldier ended up in jail during a time when the COG (Coalition of Ordered Governments) needs as many people as possible to fight the Locust. As you play you will meet a few people like Private Damon Baird, the war's Locust expert and Private Augustus Cole, former world-famous Thrashball player. Maybe along the way you'll meet a mysterious group of people known only as the Stranded. 10/10

Gameplay: Wonderful. The controls are simple. Press the A button to take cover. X to pick up weapons, LT to zoom in, RT to shoot, RB to reload and B to melee/ rev chaisaw. That's it. 10/10

Multiplayer: Expierience may vary. Don't play online until you are good at the game, you will get killed too easily. 10/10

Final Thoughts: Great game. If you don't like beautiful games with both a wonderful campaign and great multiplayer that lets you fire multiple firearms, beat someone to death with a shotgun, step on someone's head so hard it squashes or shove a chainsaw through some one's head/torso. Just rent, don't buy.

-Graphics: 10/10
-Sound: 10/10
-Storyline (or lack there of): 10/10
-Gameplay: 10/10
-10+10+10+10+10=50. 50/5= 10

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 08/14/08

Game Release: Gears of War (US, 11/07/06)

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