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Asked: 5 years ago

I can't find julia or juan in the apartments, on the hitman list?

I have search the apt area numereous times and I can't find these two people.

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For Julia drive up to barrio and look for a woman in a bath rob, look for her in the mid morning or afternoon,Than pop her with the vice 9.
For Juan drive up to Misty Lane Suburbs and look for a pale white guy wearing a red spedo. Than blow his brains out with the Tombstone Shotgun.

Hope I helped :)

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It also helps severely to pick a spot in their district and wait it out. Somewhere where there are crowds is a plus, because they have a better chance of spawning. And Julia may also show up in High End Retail, sitting on a bench outside or nearby Impressions.

Remember that any person may be anywhere in Stilwater, even if it's outside the territory of that Hitman mission.

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Julia is easy. She is the ambulance driver, call 911 on your cell phone and she will drive right to you.

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First off, Julia isnt the ambulance driver. 2nd I found Julia by just sitting at the Stillwater Train Depot in Barrio until she came up on my screen. I looked for her for 2 days before trying this and within minutes she popped up.

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