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All Unanswered Questions for Saints Row.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat victor? 3

Other Help Answers
Any1 wanna help me get kingpin on multiplayer? its the only achievement i got left. ill boost you as well 1
Can i repair cars without having to mod them in the mod garage? 3
Can you have a girlfriend in saints row? 1
Can you put a bandana on your face? 4
Does the main character ever talk? 2
Getting to the next level !? 1
Hijacking the bus? 1
How do i flash people? 4
How do you rob safes? 2
How do you use the cheats on saints row? 2
How many snatch in brio snatch do you have to do before you beat it? 2
How to customize cars? 1
How to find hank/henry ??? 1
If i use the cheatcodes that starts with #, will all acheivements be dissabled permanently? 3
Is it for PS3? 2
Is there any way to get money? 3
Whats the highest ranking of clothing? 2
Where can i find $tock$ in saint's row? 2
Why am I not getting expirience from missions and losing it all when i do?!? 3
Why do people just dissapear? 2
Why is there a helicopter following me? 4
Cop Outfit ? 1
Created player info? 1
How do i get a prostitute on saints row? 2
How do i get two player? 2
How do i tag? 1
How do I use letters on the phone? 1
Is there any way to stop safe cracking? 1
Ps3 version? 1
Purchasable "Classical" Songs List? 1
The Demo? 2
What does the "Wrath of God" cheat do? 2
Whats the fastest way to get the Penny Pincher Achievment? 2
Where and how many cribs are there in saints row? 1
where are the underground caverns where Russell is in the hitman activity? 1
Where is La Fuerza? 3
X2 guns ? 2
X2 guns ??????? 1

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