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Ninety-Nine Nights for Xbox 360

In depth guide for Aspharr

Version 1.0
Copyright 2007 ValiantHeartMoon

Created January 24,2007

Version 1.0 information
Not all items included. Will be fixed in an update later.


Use Control+F to bring up the Find box. Type in what you want and it will take 
you right to it. Example- Type "Mission 1" Only without the "" marks.
-	Disclaimer and Introduction
-	My thoughts on Aspharr
-	Profile
-	Weapons
-	Items (Unfinished)
-	Combo Attacks
-	Missions
-	Mission 1- Divine Varrfarrinn 
-	Mission 2- Eaurvarria Mountains
-	Mission 3(A)- Castle of Varrvazzar
-	Mission 3(B)- Fort Wyandeek
-	Mission 4- Pholya Flatlands
-	Mission 5- Ywa-Ue-Uar Forests
-	Closing and Credits

Disclaimer and Introduction

This is my second guide, and also my second guide written for N3 (My first 
being an In depth guide for Dwingvatt). 

I spent way too much time working on this guide for Aspharr due to trouble 
getting the Bryunak and Nereids spears.

Ninety-nine nights is made solely for Xbox 360 and is trademarked by its 

This FAQ is copyright, and property, of me, ValiantHeartMoon, and MAY NOT be 
reproduced for personal profit. Don't reprint without my permission. If you 
have a question or comment, or wish to place my work on a personal website then 
you can contact me valiantheartmoon@hotmail. Put N3 FAQ as your subject line, 
otherwise I may not answer it.  No spam please, and no requests to put my FAQ 
on any other sight but If I forgot something or am missing 
anything please let me know.

Profiles, Weapons, and Item information are taken from what is provided in 

My thoughts on Aspharr

I think Aspharr is a pretty solid character, although he looks a bit like a cry 
baby. His missions are pretty much the same as Inphyy's, although he gets a 
branch in his path, with 2 endings. He has 6 stages to play through. 

He has some nice combos that really help with irritating bosses. I recommend 
the X,Y (repeatedly) combo for pretty much all the bosses. I think his orb 
attacks are pretty powerful and his Spark has a nice damage area to it, 
although it throws a lot of enemies all over the place. 


Age- 19 years old
Class- Knight
Weapon- Lance
Orb Spark- Light

He loves his sister Inphyy but has mixed feeling; he knows they aren't 
related by blood. He also has misgivings about the cause of *justice for 
humans only* that is driving the war.

Profile from the Character select screen

Aspharr, Knight/19

A compassionate man who does not favor conflict. Although he fights well, he 
continues to wonder what the true nature of justice is. He worries mostly for 
his younger sister Inphyy. His weapon is a lance. 


Temple spear
Level 1. Spear carried only by Temple knights.
*Aspharr's default weapon.

Earth Pike
Level 2. A deadly lance that shatters both enemies and earth.
*Attack range +10%
*Critical rate +10%
Location- Mission 2 Eaurvarria Mountains
When you reach the first wide open area go into the dead end in the north. It 
is in a chest all the way at the end.

Knight Lance
Level 2. A classic Temple Knight weapon.
*Attack power +20%
*Defense power +20%
*Movement speed +10%
Location- Mission 2 Eaurvarria Mountains
Usually drops in the same area as the Rally point once all the Goblins in the 
area are killed.

Blue Lancer
Level 3. Lightning lance that emits blue flashes.
*Attack power +10%
*Attack range +40%
*Critical rate +30%
*Movement speed +15%
Location- Fort Wyandeek
As soon as the mission starts, turn completely around and there will be the 
chest behind you.

Crystal spear
Level 5. A divine lance bearing the power of crystal.
*Attack power +30%
*Attack range +50%
*Orb attack duration +20%
Location- Fort Wyandeek
In the far North-west of the map, where the goblin civilians are. 

Level 5. A supernatural weapon known as the lance of light.
*Attack power +70%, attack range +50%
*Movement speed +30%
*Red orb +30% with Orb spark.
Location- Castle of Varrvazarr- Mission rank A (I've seen it in another guide 
that you obtain it on Rank S but while I was trying for rank S I got A 
several times and received the Bryunak 4 times in a row.)

Nereids Spear 
Level 7. An ancient spear that can split the sea. 
*Attack range +40% 
*Critical rate +50% 
*Orb gauge charge rate +30%
Location- Ywa-Ue-Uar Forests
This one is really a pain in the neck. You have to obtain an S rank on this 
mission to get it. I beat it 10 times with an S rank with no luck. 
Edscott0013 gave me the idea of allowing myself to die repeatedly on the 
stage then choosing reply, until the mission level dropped back down. Once I 
did that I beat it again on level 3 with an S rank and obtained the Spear. 


Unfinished. More to come.

Common dropped equip items. These are the Items that are dropped randomly by 
various enemies. I believe there are more that get dropped on stages with a 
high level. Also equipping lots of items that increase drop rate, like 
clovers, tend to yield items of higher quality.

Ward cloak 1
Enchanted with earth magic.
*Damage from catapult decreased
*Physical damage -20% player, -30% guard

Ward cloak 2
Enchanted with earth magic.
*Damage from catapult decreased
*Physical damage -25% player, -50% guard

Clover 1
A rare four-leafed clover that brings good luck.
*Item drop rate +20%

Clover 2
A rare four-leafed clover that brings good luck.
*Item drop rate +50%

Clover 3
A rare four-leafed clover that brings good luck.
*Item drop rate +100%

Orb charm 1
A jewel that heightens latent abilities.
*Orb gauge charge speed +10%

Orb charm 2
A jewel that heightens latent abilities.
*Orb gauge charge speed +20%

Life globe 1
A jewel overflowing with the power of life
*Max HP +40

Life globe 2
A jewel overflowing with the power of life
*Max HP +100

Life globe 3
A jewel overflowing with the power of life
*Max HP +200

Wind cloak 1
Enchanted with wind magic.
*Enemy ranged attack accuracy -20%

Wind cloak 2
Enchanted with wind magic.
*Enemy ranged attack accuracy -40%

Dire helm
Cold iron mask that inhibits speech and sight.
*0% critical rate

Dire ring
Cursed ring that invites bad fortune. 
*Can't jump

Combo attacks

Level 1
Upper swing- XXYY
Gaia impact- In mid jump, Y
Shining flare- During orb attack, Y
Swing rush- XXXX
Slide slash- YYX
Sonic impact- RT then X
Charge- RT 
Tornado slash- YYYXX
Divine knight- During Orb attack, X
Destroyer chain- YYYY
Lancer storm- XXXY (hit Y repeatedly)

Level 2
Dead-end strike- YX
Dead-end break- When s tabbing an enemy with YX, then press X
Spiral dive- In mid jump, X
Flash lance- XY (Hit Y repeatedly)

Level 3
Dead-end turn- YX, then A
Tornado impact- YYYXXX

Level 4
Double-slide slash- YYXX
Upper slash- XXYYY
Shining spear- YYYXXY *Drains Orb attack gauge
Spiral charge- in mid jump, XX
Sonic strike- RT  then Y
Divine burst- XXX+Y repeatedly, then X   *Drains Orb attack gauge

Level 5
Upper flash lance- XXYYX
Dead-end cyclone- When stabbing an enemy with YX, then press Y

Level 6
Upper twist slash- XXYYYY
Dead-end swing- YX, then during RT, X
Dead- end charge- YX, then RT
Dead- end burst- YX, then during X, A  *Drains Orb attack gauge

Level 7
Triple slide slash- YYXXX
Double spiral charge- In mid jump, press XXY
Dead-end impact- YX, then during RT, A

Level 8
Holy spear- YYXXY *Drains Orb attack gauge

Level 9
Shining blast- XXXYX *Drains Orb attack gauge


Mission 1- Divine Varrfarrinn (Level 5)

*First objective- Defeat the enemies atop the hill!

You start on the hill on the northern ide with an enemy force right in front 
of you. The group of enemies is led by Heppe.  

Heppe dropped Dire ring, Cursed choker, Exp bonus

*Second objective- Reinforce the troops in battle!

Head down the hill and start taking out some enemy troops. After awhile a cut 
scene occurs showing Inphyy making her appearance.

*Third objective- Defeat the enemy general!

When you defeat Inphyy it goes right into a cut scene and the mission is 

1- Right in front of the enemy archers on the West end of the field. Contains 
Orb potion.
2_ In front of the enemy archers on the East side of the field. Contain 
Health potion.

Mission results
Mission Rank A- Aegis charm 2
Mission Rank S- Rage charm

Mission 2- Eaurvarria Mountains (Level 5)

You start out on the southern side of the map with a massive horde of goblins 
charging at your army. Once you silence enough of them they begin to run away 
and Inphyy chases after them. A Landslide occurs and you are left on the 
Eastern side, suddenly separated from her and her forces. (When you play as 
Inphyy the same event happens and your left on the Western edge. Now you get 
to see what that area finally looks like.)

*First objective- Join Inphyy at the rally point!

You now have your first objective. At this point you should notice a small 
army of goblins coming up from the East. Take them out and start working your 
way to the rally point. 

Not far along you will enter an open area and a cut scene will occur. At this 
point you are going to face more goblins and some goblin archers too. Once 
they are defeated you have 3 paths to choose from. Also of note is a chest by 
the rock wall in the North-West part of this area. It should contain a 
Knight's emblem. 

*Second objective- Find and destroy the goblin wizard

The dead end path to the North is filled with mist that cuts off visibility a 
little bit but nothing serious. You will have to face some gobs and when you 
get to the end you encounter some Orcs and a Goblin shaman or two. The 
shamans have a nasty lightning magic attack that can hurt badly at lower 
levels but can be more of a nuisance at higher ones. Once you take them all 
out you should come across a chest at the end that contains a weapon, the 
Earth Pike. Also there is another chest in this area that contained a 
Knight's emblem. Take a good look at the map and see where the path slightly 
veers off towards the west. I found the chest there. Also, once you head back 
there will be even more goblins waiting for you.

The dead end path to the South-east is a short route but you will come across 
a few small goblin forces. Towards the end you may come across about a half 
dozen shamans, as well as another small force ambushing you from behind. Once 
that is taken care of there is a chest here that should contain a Knight's 

The immediate path to the West is the clear way to progress in the stage. You 
will encounter a few small goblins forces. Once you come to a small area 
where there are boulders and towers keep heading north to the far wall to 
find a chest that should contain a Knight's helmet.

When you reach the rally point you meet up with Inphyy again and have to take 
on even more goblins. 

*Third objective- Destroy the enemy!

A very good place for an Orb spark, or even an Orb attack, since Aspharr has 
a fairly good X attack.  This is also a good spot to obtain items quickly, 
although you can't expect them to drop all the time. One your finished with 
the goblins here Inphyy runs off to the north on her own. A weapon, Knight 
Lance, appeared here too for some reason. I think that it is set to appear 
once all goblins are defeated, since it has dropped here in the exact same 
location about 2 or 3 times for me before
-Notes: There is a goblin who is all in armor. He is usually one of the last 
to be defeated. It seems that the scene with Inphyy runs off to the north is 
tied to his defeat, also I think that maybe the appearance of the Knight 
Lance depends on if you kill him personally or let someone else kill him.

Once your ready head North after Inphyy. Once you reach her you will have to 
fight more goblins. If you keep going straight north there is chest between 
two towers. It should contain the Statue Body.

At some point a short cut scene will play and you will now have to fight the 

*Objective- Defeat the Trolls before the messengers arrive!

Now you have a time limit in which to beat the troll.  You should receive a 
statue arm and bonus exp for beating him you will be given a choice of which 
stage you want to go to next, Fort Wyandeek or Castle of Varrvazarr, and that 
is the end of the mission. You should think about your choice because it 
actually alters the course of events for Aspharr and you see different events 
in the last mission and endings too.

Mission results
Mission Rank A- Giant's bracelet 2
Mission Rank S- Divine tiara

Items dropped by common enemies
Wind cloak 2
Clover 2
Life globe 3
Orb charm 2

Mission 3(A)- Castle of Varrvazarr (Level 3)

Welcome to Varrvazarr, The land of ice. 

Your immediately thrust into the middle of a large battle. You receive 
messages of Vyertenn being attacked by the Gewgs.

Before you even really begin doing anything there is an area due East of 
where you start. It is heavily misted over and you can barely see anything at 
all. If you manage to find your way through this area you can find a chest 
with a  new weapon, Water spike, for Aspharr. It took me awhile to get 
through but I came out into a small clearing and you could actually see 
without any mist or snow coming down. There is also another chest in a small 
alcove to the direct south that contains an Orb potion. 

If you go all the way West, you will come across 3 chests that should contain 
an Orb potions. 

Also if you decide to go up the path to the North, You will find some more 
enemies and a chest right down the path that should contain A health potion. 
If you take the path all the way to the end there will be 3 chests that 
should contain Item drop rate, Guard attack up, and Orb value doubled items. 

*First objective- Aid Vyertenn! Destroy the Gewgs!

Once that is done look around you. There is a chest near a huge rock to the 
south-east that should contain an orb potion.

Then you get a message that Ppak the third has arrived.

*Second objective- Aid Vyarrhartenn! Defeat Ppak the Third!

You know what to do.  Play seek and destroy with the frogs. Once you take out 
Ppak he withdraws and some items should appear. Demon gloves and Exp bonus.

Then the Arrphan and their dragons appear.

*Third objective- Aid Vyden! Destroy the Arrphan!

Time to go kill some more enemies, only this time you have to worry about 
dragons constantly breathing fire at you. Talk about pressure. There should 
also be a chest to the West in the ruins that should contain a health potion. 

Once the Arrphan are defeated The Orc chieftan Leuu should appear.

*Fourth objective- Join Lord Vydenn! Defeat the Orc chieftain, Leuu!

Joine force with Vydenn now and take on this new threat. There should be a 
chest nearby, in the ruins to the West. It should contain an Angel wing. Also 
there is another chest in the tress just a little ways to the South-west that 
should contain the movement speed increase item. Once you beat him he 
withdraws and Exp bonus and war gloves 1 appear nearby. Also there is a chest 
beside the entrance to the castle and it should contain a health potion.

Dwingvatt should appear now. 

*Fifth objective- Defeat Dwingvatt!

Once he withdraws the mission is over.

Mission results
Mission Rank A- Bryunak
Mission Rank S- (Don't know yet)

Items dropped by regular enemies
Wisdom charm 1
Wisdom charm 2
Life globe 2
Valor flag 2
War gloves 1
War gloves 2
Ward cloak 2

Mission 3(B)- Fort Wyandeek (Level 4)

When you start the mission you are on the Southern part of the map, with few 
small forces of gobs in front of you. Also if you turn around and look up the 
path behind you there is a chest that should contain the weapon Blue lancer.

*First objective- Defeat the two Goblin captains!

You have two targets now. One all the way to the west, and another one to the 

If you go East you will run into the captain very quickly. There is also a 
chest nearby that should have a health potion in it. 

When you head back to the West you will notice a large yellow hut on the left 
side with a chest right next to it. The chest should contain another health 
potion. Continue West and some boulders will come rolling at you so dodge 
them a best as you can. When you have nearly reach the captain more boulders 
will come at you. Finish up the gobs here and take out the captain. He 
dropped an Exp bonus and a Statue head for me, but I don't know if that is a 
static drop (After beating him a few times he gave me a head every time.). 
There are also 2 chests here. They should contain Health and Orb potions.

*Second objective- The central gate opened.

So head back to the big gate in front of where you started and the way is 
open now. Once you make it through the gate a cut scene occurs. If you truly 
enjoy slaughtering goblins then prepare to scream in delight, then go get 

*Third objective- Find and defeat the Orc corporal!

For your convenience he is off on the West side. The Orc corporal dropped 
Dire gloves for me.

*Fourth objective- The central gate opened.

Go through the newly opened gate and you see another cut scene.

*Fifth objective- Destroy the archers!

There are quite a few groups of archers that you have to take out. Go after 
the Eastern most ones. There is a chest in that area as well that should 
contain an Orb potion. If you try to cross the bridge here you see a cut 
scene where Pwucks cut down the bridge. 

Head back towards the west for the rest of the archers and you will meet up 
with Tyruu who is single handedly getting her butt whipped by gobs. Be a man 
and help her out. 

*Sixth objective- The central gate opened. 

On the way back you will probably notice a chest on the left side of a big 
pillar. It should contain an Orb potion. There should also be a chest on the 
West side of the gate. It should have an Orb potion in it. Go through the 
gate. (Anyone tired of gates yet?)

*Seventh objective- Defeat the Orc corporal!

While your going after the corporal, you will find Klarrann. There is a chest 
to the West that that should contain an Orb potion. 

*Eighth objective- The central gate opened. 

If you head off to the East before you go through the gate you will come to a 
bridge. There is a chest to the North, before you cross, that should contain 
Movement speed increase item. When you cross the bridge you come across 
Pwucks. They run through a gate but it closes behind them. I actually don't 
know how to get access to that side of the stage, or if it is possible. It 
should be though because you can see chests in places you can't reach. There 
is however a chest right in front of the gate that should contain a Divine 
armband.  So go back and head through the final gate.

*Ninth objective- Defeat the Goblin wizards at the altar!

You have several paths open right before you, with the end of the mission at 

North-east. If you follow this path then you will have to fight through a few 
goblins but you receive a few chests. Health potion, Orb potion, Movement 
speed increase, Exp bonus, and another Exp bonus.

North-West. This path triggers a unique set of events. As your traveling up 
the path there will be a chest on the right side. It should contain a Health 
potion. When you make it to the top you trigger a cut scene. Anyone else like 
seeing Aspharr put the genocidal maniac in her place? At the end you find a 
chest that contains a new weapon, the Crystal spear. 

West. If you take this path there is a chest containing a health potion right 
on top of the cliff on the left side that you can get right away. If you 
follow it all the way to the end there is another chest that should contain 
an Exp bonus. 

North. This is the path you should take when your ready to finish the 
mission. Take your time going up the slope. You can see a bunch of boulders 
just waiting to be rolled on top of you. Your going to have to fight through 
Goblins and Orcs and a troll to get to the top and fight the 3 wizards. There 
is a chest in the back that should contain a Health potion. When the troll 
was defeated an Aegis charm 2 appeared nearby. Unfortunately the wizards 
themselves don't seem to drop anything. Once you defeat them you get a 
message about Dwykfarrio arriving in the Pholya flatlands. Mission over.

Mission results
Mission Rank A- Clover 2
Mission Rank S- Hourglass

Items dropped by regular enemies
Orb charm 1
Ward cloak 1
Life globe 2
Orb charm 2
Clover 1
Wind cloak 2
Ward cloak 2
Aegis charm 2

Getting an S rank on this stage is a pain in the neck. When I finally did it 
my Mission results looked like this.

Time  00:33:25
Kills  2915
-Standard attack 2303
-Orb Spark 612
Orbs obtained 20581
Max combo 451
Guard survival rate (%)  92
Successful missions  4
Bonuses  1200

Mission 4- Pholya Flatlands (Level 5)

This mission is one huge battlefield. Very straight forward. Just follow the 
map to every objective and kill everything in sight. 

*First objective- Destroy the enemy!

A large amount of enemies will appear south of your location. Battles will 
occur all along the river bed. 

There is a chest pretty much Due south of your starting location that 
contains a Knight's emblem.

If you head to the west there are two chests within visible range of each 
other. They both contain health potions. 

If you head all the way to the west there are 2 more chests within visible 
range of each other. One contains a health potion, the other an Orb potion.

South of here, on the other side of the river is another chest that contains 
a Health potion.

Eventually several types of reinforcements will appear for the enemies. 
Orc,Gewgs, and Arrphann  in that order. While Myifee will appear for your 

Once the Arrphann are finished a cut scene will play and you will now have 
more Orc to defeat. 

*Second objective- Repel the Orc chieftain Leuu!

Leuu should drop cursed gloves, Giant's bracelet 2, and 2x Exp bonus when he 
is defeated. 

Once all the Orcs are finished you are treated to an interesting cut scene. 
Then a message saying that Goblin reinforcements are coming. Another 

*Third objective- Defeat Dwingvatt!

Dwingvatt should drop Dark gloves, Dire helmet, and about 3 Exp bonus.

After a moment Dwykfarrio will enter battle

*Objective four- Repel Dwykfarrio!

Once you knock his HP down enough he will run away and the mission will be 

Mission Results
Mission Rank A- Dire Helm
Mission Rank S- Life crystal

Items dropped by regular enemies.

Mission 5- Ywa-Ue-Uar Forests (Level 4)

This is probably the mission I hate the most. You start in the Southern-most 
spot on the map with many many paths to take and enemies down every turn. If 
you look at the map carefully you will notice that it is basically divided 
between the North-West and South-East sections. And there is only a single 
path connecting the two sides. This is where you need to go.

*First objective- Find Dwykfarrio!

Chests will be extremely hard to map out here.

A chest on the East side contains a Health potion. The best way I can 
describe this potion is on the inner path on the East side.

To the north of the previous one is another chest that contains an Orb 

Also if you take the Eastern path all the way North and around to the West 
you will find another chest along the North side that contains an Orb potion.

When you have found the path you need to take between the two areas take 
another look at the map. Just to the North is a small dead end. There is a 
chest there that contains a Wrath choker. 

On the Western side there is a chest that contains a health potion where the 
two Western paths meet up on the north side.

In the South-West there are two dead end paths. The Western most one leads to 
a chest that contains a Health potion. The Southern path has a chest that 
contain an Orb potion.

A good piece of advice I can give you in this stage is take your time and run 
around killing as much as you can until you can fill up your Spark gauge, 
then go to the middle of the map towards the North-west section. Once you get 
there you will see a cut scene and you will have to fight Pwucks.

*Second objective- Defeat Ppak the Third!

 This is a good spot to use your Orb spark, although it will still leave you 
to fight Ppak the third.  If your lucky you can obtain Fleet boots 1, and a 
Deadly armband from him when you defeat him, as well as 2 exp bonus.

Once he is done you will be transported to a different area. It is all the 
way in the North-West and is shrouded in mist but you should have no problem 
finding your way out. If you look around you can find a chest here that 
contains a Health potion. Once you get to a certain point a cut scene plays 
out and you are surrounded by an unidentified army.

*Third objective- Defeat the unidentified army!

Kill enough of them and they start to withdraw, leaving you to find your main 
objective again.  Continue south and you will start to encounter Arrphan. 

*Objective four- Destroy the Arrphan troops!

When you come to a split in the road you can head south or north.

If you head north at the split in the road you will come to a chest that 
contains an Orb potion.

Eventually Syumerrt of the Arff will show up. 

When the Arrphan commander shows up she will drop Exp bonus and Aegis charm 2 
and a Cursed shield. You have a clear location now to your objective. Find 
your way there and you are treated to another cut scene. Depending on where 
you chose to go for mission 3 you will see one of two events, and a separate 
ending for each. 

There is a chest in this area. Notice how on the map it looks like there are 
3 humps right next to each other. From West to East, humps 1, 2, 3.  Take the 
path between humps 1 and 2. There is a chest there that contains A Health 
potion.  Note- The Dead end paths in the South-West of the area and the one 
North of the first hump have no chests. 

*First objective changes- Hunt down Dwykfarrio! 

Right around here there should be 2 smaller paths leading North and South 
from the main path. There is a chest on the southern path that contains an 
Orb potion.

Keep going East and eventually you will face off against Dwykfarrio. 

Once he is finished the mission is over. 

Mission Results
Mission Rank A- Fleet boots 2, Deadly armband
Mission Rank S- Deadly armband

When I achieved S these were my results

Time 00:43:11
Kills 1297
-Standard attack 1093
-Orb spark 204
Orbs obtained 12417
Max combo 156
Guard survival rate(%) 95
Successful Mission 2
Bonuses 900

Items dropped by common enemies.
Clover 3
Ward cloak 2
Aegis charm 4
Life globe 4

Closing and Credits

I'd like to thank edscott0013 from the gamefaqs board for giving me an idea 
that really help me get the Nereids spear. 

I'd also like to thank you, for reading my guide. I hope that you enjoyed 
reading it and found it to be useful.