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Ninety-Nine Nights for Xbox 360

In depth guide for Klarrann

Version 1.0 
Copyright 2008 ValiantHeartMoon

Created May 8, 2008


Use Control+F to bring up the Find box. Type in what you want and it 
will take you right to it. Example- Type "Mission 1" Only without the 
"" marks.
-	Disclaimer and Introduction
-	My thoughts on Klarrann
-	Profile
-	Weapons
-  Combo Attacks
-	Missions
-	Mission 1- Bastide of Varrgandd
-	Mission 2- Fort Wyandeek
-	Mission 3- Pholya Flatlands
-	Closing and Credits
Disclaimer and Introduction

This is my third FAQ. N3 was one of the first Xbox 360 games I bought.
So far I have beat the game with almost every character except for 
Klarrann and Vigk Vagk. I haven't played N3 for months and I have been 
wanting to build on my gamer score so I decided to pick up where I left 
off (400/1000 gp. 600 is easy to get and definitely will help boost my 
total score.) and I figured I would work on another guide while I am at 
it. Since I had yet to beat it with Klarrann it made the most sense (I 
also have a guide for Tyurru and Inphyy in the works) and I decided to 
go for it.

Ninety-nine nights is made solely for Xbox 360 and is trademarked by 
its creators.

This FAQ is copyright, and property, of me, ValiantHeartMoon, and MAY 
NOT be reproduced for personal profit. Don't reprint without my 
permission. If you have a question or comment, or wish to place my work 
on a personal website then you can contact me valiantheartmoon@hotmail. 
Put N3 FAQ as your subject line, otherwise I may not answer it.  No 
spam please, and no requests to put my FAQ on any other sight but 
GameFaqs.com. If I forgot something or am missing anything please let 
me know.

Profiles, Weapons, and Item information are taken from what is provided 
in game. Any chests that are listed should appear on that mission on 
all levels, although I did not test whether or not some of them may 
disappear or new chests may appear on different play thrus. Also it is 
possible that at higher mission levels different items may appear in 
the chests or they could be random items. This guide was completed with 
the stages either on level 3 or 4, and I already found out while 
completing Aspharr's guide that Rank Results change depending on 
mission level. Also it would take far too long to play through each 
mission on each difficulty level, so I am only marking down what I know 
based on information acquired from others or my own play through.

My thoughts on Klarran

I think he is probably around average speed, but he has no jumping 
ability like the other characters so far. He only has 3 missions, which 
makes him a quick play thru, however he probably adds more to the 
storyline than any other character so he is definitely worth playing if 
you want to have any idea as to what is really going on. 

I don't really like his Orb Attack as much as some of the other ones in 
the game but it is very straight forward. It basically extends the 
reach of his cane by 3x and he deals some decent damage. His Orb Spark 
is rather nice, calling forth something reminiscent of a huge explosion 
that does massive damage to enemies.

I definitely recommend equipping an Aegis Charm and a Ward Cloak to 
boost your defense while playing.


Age 30 years old
Class Priest
Weapon Holy Scepter
Orb Spark Spirit

Poverty pushed him to crime as a boy, and one day he broke into a 
church to rob and kill the priest. But the priest took him in and 
reformed him. Seeing his life as heaven's test, he fights his instincts 
and the war to seek truth.

Profile from Character select screen

Klarran, Priest/30

A change of heart brought this former criminal to the priesthood. 
Sensing something sinister underlying the war, he seeks his destiny. 
His weapon is an icon, the symbol of his church of Arrphathoss.

These are the locations of the weapons for Klarrann. Descriptions and 
stats are taken from in game.

Antique Icon - Starting weapon
Level 1. A religious icon enshrined at the church in Varrgandd. 
*Klarrann's starting weapon

Roar - Bastide of Varrgandd - Defeat the Troll and it should spawn near 
where he was killed.
Level 2. An item that purifies evil thoughts and objects.
*Attack power +10%
*Attack range +10%

Punishment - Bastide of Varrgandd - Mission Rank A
Level 3. A cane that eliminates an opponent without inflicting pain.
*Attack power +20%
*Defense power +20%
*Attack range +20%

Sentinel - Fort Wyandeek - A chest on the North side of the map. When 
you go through the last gate and receive the mission "Defeat the Trolls 
by the Altar!" go straight left once you pass the gate and you should 
see the chest.
Level 4. A mace of punishment that brings out remorse.
*Attack power +30%
*Attack range +30%
*Critical rate +20%

Staff of Slumber - I had obtained it as a drop from an enemy (Forces of 
the night) on Pholya Flatlands.
Level 5. A mace of eternal rest that releases the body and brings 
*Attack range +40%
*Critical rate +100%

Cane of Faith - Pholya Flatlands - In a chest along the southern edge 
of the map, near a grouping of 3 trees.
Level 5. A miraculous cane that gathers power from strong belief.
*Attack range +40%
*Defense power +50%
*Guard break rate +50%

Combo Attacks

Level 1
Take This Sword - During orb attack, X
Judgment - During orb attack, Y
Be as Dust - X X X X
Die Without Straying - X X X X+Y
Moan - Y X, then X charge
Thou Shalt Perish - X X Y
Perish Together - During X X Y, walk
Pray! - During X X Y, X
Salvation - During X X Y, X X
Sin's Burden  - During X X Y, RT
Fall From  Grace - During X X Y, RT+X (or Y)
Repent - X Y
Flee - RT
Punishment - RT, then X or Y
Kneel Before Spirits - A
Have No Thirst - Y Y Y

Level 2
You worthless...! - Y X. *Drains Orb attack gauge
Shout - Y X, then X X
Despair - Y X, then L stick
Thou Art Forgiven - X Y Y
To Thy Rest - X X X Y
To Thy Journey - During X X X Y, walk 
Trial from Spirits - During X X X Y, then X
Bequeath Unto Thee - During X X Y, then Y Y

Level 3
Return to the Soil - X repeatedly,  then X
You wish to Die?! - Y Y X *Drains Orb Attack Gauge
Struggle - Y Y X, then X X
Writhe in Agony - Y Y X, then X charge
Quake with fear - Y Y X,  then L
Fall To Hell - During X X X Y, then Y
Have No Hunger - Y Y Y Y

Level 4
Flick - RT, then Y
Don't Anger Me - Y Y Y X *Drains Orb Attack Gauge
Die That Way - Y Y Y X, then L
Repent Before Spirits - X X X X X Y *Drains Orb Attack Gauge
No Mercy - Y Y Y X, then X X
No Escape - Y Y Y X, then X charge

Level 5
Sublimation - During X X X Y, Y X. *Drains Orb attack gauge

Level 6
Disappear! - During X X Y, then X charge. *Drains Orb attack gauge 


Mission 1- Bastide of Varrgandd

You start out in the upper right hand corner of the map, in a large 
courtyard, that is filled with goblins. After you start killing them 
off a cutscene shows some peasants being attacked.

*First Objective - Defeat the Goblins and rescue their Human captives!

To the North of were you start there is a chest that should have Life 
Globe 1 in it. Near the middle of the courtyard there is a huge statue. 
To the west of the statue is a tree with a chest near it that should 
contain Orb Potion. To the South East of  that statue is a chest that 
should contain Knights Flag. If you go East from there, you will see 
another chest near a merchant stand, which should contain a Health 
Potion. South from there, along the wall, is another chest that should 
contain an Aegis Charm 1. Look straight south and you should be able to 
see 2 chests, One out in the open, which should contain a Health 
Potion, and another near a tree which should have a Clover 1 in it. 
From there you should see another chest if you look West. That one 
should have a Knight's Emblem. Finally, to the North of the peasants is 
a chest by a tree that should have a Health potion in it and then as 
you start to head into the next area, to the west of the peasants is 
one more chest that should have Healing wood in it. 

Once you reach the peasants you get a new objective.

*Second Objective - Lead the captives to the West Gate!

This shouldn't be too hard. Probably the best way to tackle this is to 
rush as far ahead of them as possible and take out the gobs as quick as 
you can. If any slip by you they will go straight for the captives and 
start to attack them. You have to have at least 1 captive survive. 

Not far in, you will come to a fork in the road. There is a chest here 
out in the open which should contain Healing wood. You have the option 
of going towards the North or South.

Heading North will lead you to some more gobs to kill as well as 
another chest (Healing potion) right in your path and another chest 
just to the north as you walk towards the dead end. From here the path 
continues on West. 

Heading South will lead you to a couple of chests out in the open 
(Health potion, Healing wood). 

Just before both paths meet up a Troll will appear and you will have to 
take him down. 

*Third Objective - Defeat the Troll!

In the open there is another chest (Health potion).

Once he is down a couple of XP bonus will appear as well as a new 
weapon the Level 2 Roar. Also the Troll dropped an item for me called 
Giant Club, and he can also drop other items like Cursed Boots. From 
here you will pretty much be asked to eliminate the last of the 
enemies. Once you finish them off another cutscene will play, showing 
you your next target. 

*Fourth Objective - Rescue the castellan from the white goblin's 

From here Castellan Ugor is under attack in the very Southern most 
point of the map and he will be slowly losing health. Given the run 
speed of Klarrann it will take a couple minutes to get there. 

Before you head in that direction, you can go up the Northwest path and 
you will find a chest (Orb potion) near a cart along the first fork you 
find to the north. Continue West and take the North fork for another 
chest (Sage's glass) and another chest (Orb potion) in the Southern 
fork. From here you can start heading toward your new objective.

Once you start heading towards this new area of the map you will come 
across some more goblins just waiting to be dealt with. This is a good 
place for an Orb attack if you have your red gauge full. Once you dealt 
with the Gobs there are a few chest for you to pick up here. One near a 
building loaded with tools (Orb potion), another one by a stand loaded 
with Meat to the southwest (Orb potion) and another one (Orb potion) 
near the exit leading to the next area. Once you have what you want you 
can head out here to the next area. 

A couple of red targets should show up on your map in the new area. 
This is another good spot to unleash an orb attack. If you play it 
right you should be able to have your Orb Spark filled at this point. 
Once your done eliminating the gobs there are a few chests to get. The 
first one (Orb potion) you can clearly see as you enter the area. From 
there, if you look to the other side of the statue you can see the next 
chest (Orb potion). Now you can head into the next, and last area and 
you will be treated to a short cutscene.

*Fifth Objective - Defeat the white goblin!

This is a wide open area with some gobs and your final target, the 
White Goblin Dwingvatt. He is very quick and can be a pain in the butt, 
but he doesn't do too much damage to you. 

There are a few chests here. Straight down the center of the area you 
will find a few chests next to the pillars. Near the 3rd pillar to your 
left (East side) there is one (Health Potion) and another one just east 
from there (Health Potion). If you head out East into the woods you 
will find a little shelter to the north east with a chest (Wrath choker 
) under it. 

Back in the center, you will find a chest (Health potion)in front of 
the 4th pillar to the right (West side). That should be it for chests 
on this stage. Time to finish up here. 

Once Dwingvatt is finished you are treated to another cut scene where 
Klarrann repeats himself, and the mission is over.

Mission Results
Rank A - Punishment (Mission levels 3,4)
Rank S - Life Crystal (Level 5)

Items dropped from normal enemies during the mission:
Clover 1
Life Globe 2
Ward cloak 2

Mission 2- Fort Wyandeek

Klarrann gets to see a section of this mission that other characters 
cannot access. He starts in the Eastern section (Remember the bridge 
you cannot cross, that gets cut down by Pwucks?) 

As soon as you start you are given your first objective.

*First Objective - Defeat the guard!

You start in a dead end with a gate right in front of you and 2 guard 
units behind you that you can command if you get closer and use the LB 
and RB buttons. Right away a unit of Gobs will rush you from the other 
side of the gate. Take'em out. You should have Red marks to the North, 
West, and South of your position on the  map. 

South has some archers that will begin to fire on you as soon as you 
leave the gate so you may want to take them out as well as the rest of 
the units that are approaching from the south. From there you have 2 
paths to take with a chest (XP Bonus) at the end of the Southern path, 
and a chest (Bonus XP) on the Southwestern path.  

Back at the gate, there are some more gobs to the west as well as 
another chest (Health potion).

Finally north from the gate is your objective. A unit of gobs stands in 
your way of progression as well as a chest (Health potion) right in 
front of the gate. Before you enter the gate it may be a good idea to 
leave your guards behind so they don't get squashed. Go through the 
gate when your ready.

*Second Objective - The gate opened.

*Third Objective - Destroy all the enemies in the plaza!

A new group of targets appear to the north on the map. A few boulders 
start to roll down the hill towards you so try your best to avoid them. 
If you brought your guards they won't stand as good a chance as you and 
will probably suffer heavy casualties. Once you get closer to the top 
you will find out that you have to deal with Pwucks, as well as Ppak 
the Third. This is a great place to build up your Orb gauges so I  
definitely recommend leaving the guards behind before you get here. 

Ppak can be a real pain in the neck. A lot of times your attacks will 
deal very little or even no damage at all. He seems to be most 
vulnerable when attacked from behind though and the best time to try 
this is when he slices downwards with his sword. Also it is very 
important to watch out for his leaping attack which isn't too hard to 
avoid but can cause some serious damage. 

*Fourth Objective - The gate opened.

Once he is defeated gates open to the North and South. Your objective 
is through the Southern gate. Some soldiers will come running out of 
the Northern gate to aid you. If you go through the North gate there is 
a chest (Cursed Choker) just to the left as you enter and a chest 
(Knight's emblem) at the dead end to the East.

Head South through the gate.

*Fifth Objective - Join Inphyy and Aspharr!

From here you will have to head West towards your objective. 

*Sixth Objective - Destroy the Orcs!

Now you have to wipe out about 5 Orc battalions. Have fun. It should 
not take long at all and this is another great place to build up your 
Orb gauges. One you take out the Orcs a Troll appears.

*Seventh Objective - Defeat the Troll!

The troll shouldn't pose too much a threat. Once he is done your free 
to move on to the next area to the north. Also of note there is a chest 
(Health potion) to the west in the dead end, and you can't get passed 
the South gate.

*Eighth Objective - The gate opened.

Heading north through the gate your given a new objective.

*Ninth Objective - Defeat the Trolls by the altar!

The Northern most area branches into 3 paths. Northwest, Northeast, and 
the one straight to the North, which is where your objective is. If you 
have a full Orb spark by now a good place to unleash it is straight up 
the North path, just don't finish off the trolls until you are ready. 
Also there is the small path just to the west as you enter the area. 

If you take the small path just to the west you will see a chest 
(Sentinel Weapon level 4) right away that you have to walk around to 
collect it. Continue taking this path West and you will fight a couple 
more Gob units and come to a chest (Bonus XP).

If you take the Northwest path you will battle your way through a few 
units of gobs and come to what looks like a goblin village. You will 
find a chest (Bonus XP) here at the very end.

If you take the Northeast path you will come across a couple more gob 
units but I didn't find any thing else of note.

Finally straight North is your objective. You have to defeat 2 trolls. 
I didn't find anything else of note here except the Trolls and a large 
enemy force, which is perfect for unleashing an Orb Spark on. 

Once you defeat the Trolls your treated to a cutscene that reveals 
important parts to the story and the mission is complete.

Mission Results
Rank A - Wisdom Charm 2 (Mission level 3)   
Rank S - 

Items dropped by normal enemies:
Clover 1
Ward cloak 2

Mission 3- Pholya Flatlands

This stage is fairly straight forward and if you sit around everything 
will come to you. There are a couple of interesting things about this 
mission. There are a lot of things scattered around the place that you 
can see, like helmets and such. Also you can quickly build up your kill 
count and finish the stage in less than 15 minutes. Also I think this 
is probably the EASIEST mission to get an S rank on, which will get you 
the awesome hourglass item.

When you start off this mission your going to be facing lots of those 
strange enemies, the ones who are the minions of the King of Nights. 
These things can hit hard and can gang up on you but shouldn't pose a 
serious threat. They give a lot of orbs when defeated, so you should be 
able to build your gauges up pretty quickly. 

*First Objective - Destroy the enemy!

You start off just about dead center of the map, surrounded by the 
Forces of the Night (As Klarrann calls them.) For note, without any 
items equipped to get extra orb charge, it took about 30-32 kills for 
the Orb Attack gauge to become full. There should be a chest (Orb 
potion) just to the West of where you start, next to a pillar, with 
another chest (health potion) to the east of where you start.

Note - On two consecutive plays of this mission, Staff of Slumber was 
dropped by the first group of enemies, so this may be the only/best 
chance of acquiring this weapon.  

Once you dispatch those enemies a cutscene will play, showing you 
soldiers and goblins clashing. Two new forces (One of each) show up on 
your map, with the goblins to the South west of your position. 

At one point two more cutscenes will play. One showing more Forces of 
the night which come in from the North West, and another showing the 
entrance of more goblins and Dwingvatt which come in from the South 

*Second Objective - Defeat Dwingvatt!

The size of the mission and the mist cover make it harder to display 
the location of chests.  I found one (health potion) to the North East 
of the starting area, with a broken catapult nearby. Also the mist does 
not cover the outer most parts of the map, only towards the center. So 
if you go North till you come to the edge of the fog, then West until 
you reach the previously mentioned catapult you should be able to see 
the chest.

I found 3 chests (HP potion x2, Orb potion) along the Northern edge of 
map, between trees and the edge of the mist. These 3 are just lined up 
in a row and all within visible range of one another. They are more 
toward the Western edge of the map. 

From the previous spot head west along the mists edge. You should come 
to a couple of chests (Orb potion x2) near some broken canons.

At the Southern edge of the mist-line you will find a chest (Orb 
potion) at the bottom of the hill. To the East is another chest (Health 

Along the Southern edge of the map (going East) you will find a couple 
of chests. One by a group of 3 trees (Cane of Faith), and the second 
one by a rock (Demon gloves).

Another chest (Health potion) out in the open in the North East corner 
of the map, and I think that may be it for the chests in this mission.

Defeating Dwingvatt should get you a few XP Bonus items, as well as 
another item drop (Like Knight's Helmet. Obtained 2/2 times. Maybe a 
static drop?). 

You then have to contend with a whole bunch more Forces of the night, 
only this time some dragons come out to join in the party and help you 
kick the pants off them. 

Once they are defeated you are treated to another cutscene as well as 
more enemies to play with.

*Third Objective - Defeat Pyurrot!

Now you have some Dark elves to defeat. They should pose no problem at 
all. Pyurrot blocks a lot so you may want to try a weapon like Cane of 
Faith if you picked it up. Once she is defeated you get another 
cutscene. Mission complete.

Mission Results
Rank A - 
Rank S - Hourglass (Level 3, 4, 5)

Items dropped by normal enemies:
Staff of Slumber (Dropped by one of the Forces of the Night)
Life Globe 2
Life Globe 3
Fleet Boots 1
Fleet Boots 2
Ward Cloak 1
Deadly Armband (Obtained 2/2 times from the Forces of the Night that 
appear after you defeat Dwingvatt.)
War Gloves 2
Rage Charm

Closing and Credits

I'd like to thank you, for reading my guide. I hope that you enjoyed 
reading it and found it to be useful. 

Stage results

Pholya Flatlands

Level 3 rank S Hourglass