Question from ja70key

How do i use the translocator?

I was wondering cause im quite new to tha game but im prtty epic at it but tha only thing botherin me is tht i cant use the translocater i see the bots teleportin every where but i get the translocator (i now im gonna call it a teleport gun) and fire it but i dont no how to go some where else i fire the teleport gun but it just moves the portal and does it have any negative effects?

Accepted Answer

bojogear answered:

You can only use the Translocator in CTF, and possibly small Warfare maps (without vehicles.) To select it, press X. To fire the projectile, press RT, and to teleport to the projectile, press LT. If you don't like where the projectile landed the first time, you can press RT again to fire a new projectile and teleport to that one instead.
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