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How do I do kent?

ok I've gotten to kent and I know I can fight him as a psychopath but I keep taking pictures and its not doing anything I keep getting 700-1200 pp points for every picture with him in it! I'm just trying to get the achievements (psycho collector and punisher) for killing and photographing 10 psychopaths

so I have 2 questions:
1.Do I have to photograph and kill kent when he's a psychopath and hostel to me or, can I just take a picture of him and spray him with an uzi when I first meet him?
2.If I have to photograph and kill him when he's gone loopy on me then how would I get a picture to satisfy him?

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BRANTLY_75 answered:

I figured it out, for the first part I needed to take a picture of him taking a picture and a second photo doing a pose with his fist (right after he takes a picture). For the second part I needed to take a good enough photo. In this case an erotica photo luckily I found an excellent one worth 1,000pp erotica (right after Brad gets shot in the leg Jessie is siting on the edge of the bed, take a picture of her breasts and a little bit up her skirt for this excellent erotica photo)
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MrChester14 answered:

It would be just easier if you skip him becuase there are 12 total sychopaths
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lilhunter5 answered:

You have to do his first two missions and show up for the final mission.
After you do the third mission and defeat him you just take a picture of his corpse.
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