Question from uberGTA

Asked: 5 years ago

Does the platinum hits version have anything extra?

What I mean is does the CD have the same stuff the normal dead rising disc has, or is there extras on it?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I was wondering because th platinum hits version of forza 2 came with a bonus disc that has all previous dlc for the game.

Accepted Answer

From: cats12r 5 years ago

Platinum hits refers to games that achieved a certain number of sales, presumably after surpassing the 1,000,000 mark. As such, the games come in a different color box, but this is deceptive: it's merely a marketing ploy to encourage you to buy the game if you haven't already, because if a game sold that many units, it must be good (which it is IMO).

Okay, I might be inserting a bit of opinion to this, but the fact remains that platinum hits is based on units purchased only, therefore, its only the box art. To answer your question more bluntly:

No, the Platinum hits disc has nothing extra from the regular game, and heck, It doesn't even mention that its a platinum hit on the disc, which leads me to believe it's just a different box with a disc from an unsold shipment or something. But still, there is nothing different from the platinum hits version of any game on the 360, including dead rising.

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