Question from salvarinobliv87

Asked: 5 years ago

How to make and use all the drinks?

Can someone give me a list of all the drinks and how to use them? that would be great

Additional details - 5 years ago

Thank you this will help allot

Accepted Answer

From: facetious_t 5 years ago

Energizer (Green) - Randomizer + Zombie Bait - Supercharges you.

Nectar (Yellow) - Orange Juice + Orange Juice - Heals multiple boxes and increases the number of queen bees around you for a period of time.

Quickstep (White) - Randomizer + Randomizer - Increases foot speed.

Randomizer (Black) - Baguette + Cooking Oil -Random effects, has been know to cause stomach pains.

Spitfire (Blue) - Snacks + Snacks - You're spit acts like a bullet, killing most zombies in one hit.

Untouchable (Red) - Orange Juice + Pie - Frank becomes invincible (for a limited time)

Zombie Bait (Pink) - Pie + Snacks - Zombies become highly attracted to you.

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